implementation of istibdal for waqf property in the State of Penang and how it is implemented. .. Pelaksanaan Istibdal Harta Wakaf di Negeri Pulau Pinang. If so, what are the actions that had be taken by MAIK to perform istibdal .. namely Seminar Transformasi Peletakhakan Tanah Wakaf was held on 25th until 27th. (1) Subject to the decision of the Fatwa Committee, the Majlis may istibdal any mawquf (a) if any of the conditions of wakaf is inconsistent with any written law;.

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The implementation of istibdal at Lot. Al-fiqh al-Islam wa Adilalatuha.

Manual pengurusan: istibdal wakaf. (Book, ) []

This differs during the reign of Rasulullah SAW, where all the waqf properties were income generating property. Among them, the construction of infrastructure development, community services, education, cultural and religious services Bahaeddin Yediyildiz, Istibdal occurs in two forms9. To determine the potential value of the land is difficult. States in Malaysia wakag agreed with the fatwas decided by National Fatwas Council7.

It was proposed that for the purpose of disposing of the property for development, the negotiation started from RM 2, This lack of expertise is a common challenge faced by other Muslim countries including some states in Malaysia. Istibdal is permissible in terms of laws or fatwas.

Pelaksanaan Istibdal Wakaf di Negeri Kedah Darul Aman.

The collaboration includes a development of 30 units of three-storey shop houses, 19 units of terrace houses, 4 units of semi-detached houses and 1 unit of bungalow. Lot Section 12, Kota Bharu was a waqf irsyad grave and istibdao not been used for a long time. Cancel Forgot your password?


Development of this land would benefit the maslahah of Muslims in Kelantan, socially and economically. If MAIK officers do not possess the required expertise, how can these issues be solved?

Islam and state — Malaysia.

Application on istibdal among Madhhab Hanbali can be divided into two conditions, first, istibdal can be done because of needs; and two, istibdal can be done because of the requirement of maslahah. The potential property or land was purchased notwithstanding it was owned by individual, communities or organization. He sought counsel from Rasulullah SAW: For the literature review, it had been done by collecting data and information on istibdal endowment of basic resources and then the opinions had been explained.

Any waqf property that do not provide any benefits will be allowed to be substituted by the process of istibdal with better property in terms of economy benefits as long as it is still in maslahah for people.

Secondly, what kind of other property that should be substituted so that it provides maximum benefits to MAIK, apart from the graveyard as replacement to the original waqf?

EBSCOhost | | Pelaksanaan Istibdal Wakaf di Negeri Kedah Darul Aman.

Firstly, at present, most of the waqf properties are not of income generating properties. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. JKPTG will take action to standardize the rules and regulation of the Land Administrator in order to meet the vesting requirement of waqf land in all States including the upbringing of the computerized Land Registration System and e-Tanah System. New mosque must be built as a replacement and must be near the collapsed waqf mosque. The decision by State Fatwa Council is istibdal for those cases by replacing the wwkaf with another new land property and paid the compensation of current value to Malacca Islamic Religious Council.


This istibdal money can actually be used for the development of new graveyard or to improve the existing graveyard available.

II – Zakat Foundation of India. The potential may be there, but in a period very far ahead.

View all subjects More like this User tags Similar Items. To develop waqf property, particularly through istibdal, expertise is an important factor. You already recently rated this item. In this case, there is no valuation comparison being done with other parties. International Journal of Islamic Studies. This is due to istibdal which is undertaken by Umar al-Khattab on the mosque in Kufah. Istibeal Penyelidikan Islam, The name field is required.

The mosque was still used by the people of Kufah but was transformed as a market for the locals Ibn Taimiyyah,