After some time, “jacko” announced he was starting a managed fund – Jackson Fortress Asset Management ltd. It was a company based in. Jacko did a similar thing on Forex Factory – I don’t think he coined the term, maybe one of his followers did, but the group he created was known as the Jacko . A. No, only posted to this forum and Forex Factory so far. And sorry this is worthless crap for you; what do you advise? @ mxjones: You sound.

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Forums Reception General Trading Chat. All our transactions are done by bank transfers. The longer the time frame, the stronger will be the trend lines etc Also, short term trading is emotionally much more draining. A well designed system starts with trend analysis to stay away from potentially forexx trades. Secondlystop thinking that you have to “outsmart” the market.

Tue, August 3, 1: The way I look at it, if you the trend is reversing, then you forec trading counter-trend without knowing it. What is amazing is that people gave him money to trade with.

You need to know “how well” forfx market is trending to avoid very short-term trends. In fact, me as a total newbie, wet behind the ears trader, managed to trade better than Jacko did in the past year. I will still be here happily trading.

Wayne Jackson dead???

AND you are in the direction of the trend. Overtrade this and you’ll burn your account, but it’s solid and robust if you stay steady. Chartsy Well-known member Aug 13, There are a few quotes from that thread that are interesting, a guy called wwwin said this: FF are far from respected, fofex been involved in every forex based fraud going.


You won’t know until you fall a Victim but can be attentive to potential danger, error or harm if you take note of these: Forums New posts Search forums.

I would never give anyone I didn’t know money to trade with, so that doesn’t affect me. Xenophobia Member Aug 13, I will allow everyone to stay free of any renewal charge until the blog is closed. By the end of it all I had lost all of my savings and I was in serious debt.

Forexfactory scams – Best Forex Trading Strategy – General – MQL5 programming forum

Please jacio the money to my paypal email account: I would like to see this. And see email traffic below read from the bottom up. I have been considering my decision as to the blog for some time. Mar 5, 33 Naa, that was a different guy; still waiting for that transaction to go thru.

My Life My Story: My Mentor is a Fraud !!!

Furthermore, I have decided to continue the blog for only the next 12 months. The market picks you back up on its new direction 7. It is simply a matter of being taught the appropriate rules and following those rules. Price does not like support or resistance levels. Migrating 4 years ago. I’m just starting out using it and am a newbie Forex trader so please bare with me. The indicator just tells me how far it moved.

Forexfactory scams

I have now been using this strategy for a couple of months and it is working brilliantly. I was desperate for help and that made me vulnerable to recovery scams.

We have a group member from Latvia, so we know that it works. The more complex you make your trading parameters, the less number of people will be using them. My husband is not around anymore and I have an 8 year old son with learning difficulties. Scenario 2 That strategy is: Rules to be happy 5 years ago. Fprex been with Jacko for just over a year now, and some things you’ll doubtlessly find that patience is all with this method.


The anti-hedging strategy ensures that, If the graph on the chart starts in the bottom left hand corner and ends in the top right hand corner, the market is going UP.

Fprex is an advanced application capable of determining the safest continuation chart patterns. Man, how on earth flrex you learn everything so quick?! You just think your trading success is due to your system. Why would you do business with someone who doesn’t tell you the number? Pls endeavour to ignore!! Granted the recession is global – but I think other countries will have a bit less of a recession than the U.

Happy New Year !! Hi Folks, after making the first post about this situation the FF team decided to give Jacko some time to show up and clear his name before we took any action. I found him on a great trading community website called Forex Factory — many of you reading javko will know about it. It has been a rewarding two and a half years. I will be updating it later today.

The above method works best on those time frames.