NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. Recently, I was approached by a “Alim” who attended a Friday Khutbah I delivered. He wanted five minutes of my time to discuss my speech. 26 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) When the Khateeb begins his sermon, he should say the following words in Arabic (along with the English translation if the sermon will be in.

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Women have limited or no access in many masajid, although their money is always welcomed.

Radio Islam – Arabic Khutbah

But what I know is that there is a difference of opinion on this matter. Give the first Adhan after starting time and offer your Sunnah, thereafter, give the second Adhan and the two Khutbahs. We should have high ambitions in the realm of jummay.

Alhamdulilah ala kuli hal,that in itself to have this debate is a blessing from Allah.

Short Arabic Jummah Khutba for Students and others

For example, the best day of the week is Friday. Why would it mean that people should forget their own languages? Another sad example is form those Muslims who now make salah using the English translation of the Arabic words esp Fatiha. Non-Arabic is not sufficient if the Imam is able to learn Arabic. First of all, although i am of the opinion of the author, i dont think its appropriate to write khutbbah article in this antagonistic fashion. Because right now there are so many other pertinent issues that the Muslim ummah is facing and that need to be addressed.


Rather, the purpose was to shed light on this matter by providing some background and some reasoning behind those opinions. This is the most practical solution until the Muslims who live in the west both Arabs and non-Arabs become more dedicated at teaching their kids Arabic so that the next araibc would know Arabic and is able to read the Quran and understand it and the hadiths.

The prophet pbuh and the people who he admonished in khutbah were all Arabic-speaking people. We need to give people a reason to attend Jumaa. To call a spade spade, the requirement that a khutbah should only be khutbha Arabic is at best stupid, at worst elitist. Many muslims do not come to Jummah because they do not pray period. However, this time seemed to be different.

Everyone can contribute to the Muslim community, but they should be given roles they are capable of. What I have seen in this country is that some followers of the Hanafi School apply this ruling. That comes from the western imprinted thought pattern that it is we that guide.

Friday Khutbah in Arabic: To be or not to be? |

When people immigrate, we expect them to learn English. Please channel your jujmah in a positive way and contribute for the sake of Arabic.

It arrabic me many years I am still learning although within 3 months I could read enough to learn the Quran by reading the Arabic script by myself. People who are responsible like agabic when they write something should be careful. Off course, things can change. People do not know how much they miss by not understanding Arabic. When people abandon the language of the Quran than ignorance spreads.


To properly understand his position, one must recall that the Khutbah is a condition precedent to the validity of Jumuah prayer.

It is thus evident that all the four recognized schools of Islamic Fiqh are unanimous on the point that the Khutbah must be delivered in Arabic.

It is now settled with consensus and Imarn Abu Hanifah does no longer differ from this unanimous position of the Muslim jurists. Check out this website. A bit elitist I would say. The atabic is that both khutba should be in Arabic and this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars. If the Arabs are not able to keep Arabic in their children, then what do we say about others?

Apologies if this sounds very brief or as if it is directed towards my son because it is, with the intention to help many more. Similarly, rulings from Al Azhar has also restated the same verdict. Every khuybah of the community respected him.

Vote for this please. April 9, at 6: