A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra. ༄༅། །དཔལ་དུས་ཀྱི་ འཁོར་ལོ་དཔའ་བོ་གཅིག་པའི་མངོན་རྟོགས་བཞུགས་སོ། །. By Kunkhyen. Kalachakra Sadhanas. 9. The Uncommon Practice of Kalachakra Sadhana 時輪 金剛不共法儀軌. The Kalachakra Shield Practice Sadhana 時輪金剛盾牌法儀 . Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter On The Sadhana Together With The This part of the Kalachakra Tantra is particularly difficult to translate.

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The latter is holding eight black yaktail whisks. To meditate on phenomena to be like that both truly existent and non-existent is not correct meditation on the nature of phenomena. In the middle of it, from OM comes a lotus, green, with eight petals, on the seed-head of which, from AM come the discs of a moon, from AH of a sun, and from A of a Rahu and Kalagni. At my pubic region, on a blue deep awareness disc, from a blue KSHAH comes a blue vajra with 33 spokes.

A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra – Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

This material is intended for those who have received the appropriate empowerment initiation for the practice of this deity system and who have taken and keep the associated vows. At our throats, on top of a sun disc, from an AH, then a lotus, comes a red Vajra Speech.

On top of it, from RAM, comes a round cylinder of fire, red, with a triangle,ancient miles in breadth and marked with the auspicious swastika sign. We, as the father and mother principal couple, absorb ourselves in a balanced union. Kalachakra practice in Sakya Forum rules.

Of my four red hands, in the first is a bow, in the second a vajra grappling-rope, in the third a gem, and in the fourth a white lotus.

Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

Emanation of the Mandala from the Lotus We, as the father and mother principal couple, absorb ourselves in a balanced union. In the center of the moon come a syllable HUM, like what is marked with a rabbit, as the consciousness of the one sustained on fragrance — individualizing deep awareness — and a black syllable HI as the life-sustaining energy-wind that is the mount of that consciousness and co-arising with it — accomplishing deep awareness.

When they enter asdhana my mandala palacewe, as father and mother, absorb ourselves in a balanced union, which draws the father kalwchakra mother Thusly Gone Buddhas into my heart. Under my white left leg is a white Rudra the Forcefulwith one face, three eyes and four arms, holding in his hands a trident and hand-drum, a skullcup and a khatvanga staff.

I suppose I should point out that the Jonang lineage, Kalacakra specialists certainly, grew out of the Sakya lineage Correct meditation on voidness is not to be aimed at any of the four extremes.


This then transforms into a vajra, from which I arise as a glorious Kalachakra, beaming with the five types of rays of stainless light. Every civilization depends upon the quality of the individuals it produces. May I never be parted from perfect gurus in all my lives; may I joyfully experience the glories of Dharma; may I gain in full the qualities of the paths and stages, and thus attain quickly a Vajradhara state.

Over its outer face hang a filigree of loops and strands of pearls.

From seeing only relative truth, you will eventually reach a profound certainty in the wadhana of absolute truth. The water element in my body dampens the fire. Thanks Cone and Kirtu. They then are emanated back out from my body and settle, just as they were in me, inside the body of Vishvamata.

As David Reigle explained to me, the Sanskrit in this chapter is so complex that he often did not manage to make head or tail of it kalachakraa himself, and he greatly admires Vesna for accomplishing this first translation into a Western language. From my navel it proceeds to my heart in the manner of a result that has ripened — supreme joy.

From these syllables as well are emanated hosts of deities of the Three Vajras. Through the purification of the energy-winds, there are the ten shakti ladieslike Dhuma and so on, who abide on the wheel of the energy-channels at the lotus of my heart.

With manifest joy, I rejoice in the massive store of constructive deeds of the Fully Enlightened Buddhas, bodhisattvas and highly realized aryas, and in everything constructive done by anyone else. With the self-esteem of myself as a Holder of the Vajras, the fire of tummo, like stainless lightning, at the syllable HOH at my navel, being roused by my downward-voiding wind, scorches, with light-rays blazing up through the path of my avadhuti central channel, the five mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five aggregate factors, fall in my left energy-channel, and the sadhaan mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five elemental sources, fall in my right energy-channel, immobilizing them so that the sensors of my eyes and so forth are no longer involved with their objects.

Abridged Nine-Deity Kalachakra Sadhana — Study Buddhism

From a HUM at my heart, then a vajra, arises a Vajravega, with a terrifying body of blue rays of light, standing on a chariot drawn by an eight-limbed griffin. It will probably still take quite a number of years before the entire Kalachakra Tantra and the Vimalaprabha commentary will be translated, but this translation is a huge step forward. Both are white with four faces — white, black, red kakachakra yellow — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding bowls of milk, of water, of the supreme medicine, and of beer, and in the left, bowls of nectar, of kaalachakra elixir with a taste that brings actualizations, of ambrosia fruit, and of a cooked delicacy.


Both are yellow with four faces — yellow, white, blue and red — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a conch, a reed pipe, a gem, and a hand-drum, and in the left a lute, a drum, a reverberating gong, and a long brass horn.

In short, by however much I have built up a network of lustrous positive force by steps such as these, may I quickly be born in Shambhala, the storehouse of gems, and complete there the stages of the peerless path.

On top of it, from RAM, comes kalachakrw disc of fire, red, triangular, marked with blazing flames. Both are red with four sachana — red, yellow, white and blue — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a butter-lamp, long necklace, a crown, and a bracelet, and in the left a length of cloth, a belt with a filigree skirt, an earring, and an anklet.

These are arrayed on the lotus of my hands.

When it reaches from my heart to my navel — distinguished joy; when it reaches from my navel to the tip of the gem of my vajra and is stopped by the syllable PHAT, I experience co-arising joy with its not being shifted outside.

Supreme Triumphant Mandala Arrow down Arrow up Generation Within the origin of all phenomena, the endless sphere of space, from YAM comes a round cylinder of wind, black, marked in the center with the shape of a bow,ancient miles in breadth and marked with victory banners. Of my four white hands, in the first is a conch, in the second a mirror, in the third a vajra iron chain, and in the fourth a four-faced head of Brahma. With myself clearly appearing as Kalachhakra, Vanquishing Master Surpassing All, with an identity nature of the five types of deep awareness, now with light rays emanated from my heart, I hook back in all limited beings.

Subtle Yoga Arrow down Arrow up Then once more this very drop proceeds as it did when it came before. By this positive forced may all limited beings turn to and attain an unchanging, supremely blissful sadhsna. Dissolution, Arising and Dedication At the crown of my head, to a five-spoked vajra, the principal father and mother and ladies of discriminating awareness pass. But it is in the collection of main daily sadhanas used in Sakya.