Kartal-Pendik Masterplan; ISTANBUL. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS. URBAN VISION & MASTERPLAN. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS Kartal-Pendik – ISTANBUL. My intentions were to recreate the Kartal Pendik Masterplan and understand the principles behind it. As this is an ongoing project I do not. Download/Embed scientific diagram | The parametric design of Kartal-Pendik master plan in Istanbul, Turkey. Source: from publication.

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The main idea for the deformed grid is adaptation or integration which ever is more appropriate to the surrounding context. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The current values used in the sliders are indicative and aim to match visually the original design as close as possible to my experience.

Kartal Pendik Masterplan by Zaha Hadid Architects Update – Tsvetan Hristov

I try to follow each step but seems like i failed at some point. The definition logic is to pendil the intersection points between the area of interest and the major road and thus to create a network. I did start working on it ,but never had a chance of finishing due to starting a masters in architecture.

Thank you so much for the sharing! Indeed, these very elements form the starting point for our masterplan design, which utilizes lateral lines to stitch together major road connections from Karal to the west and Pendik to the east.

The site is being reclaimed from industrial estates and is flanked with the small grain fabric of sub-urban towns. However, my thesis is on evolutionary design by computers, so as soon as finish the school year in June I can get back to Galapagos including theoretical background to the subject.


There are some good and bad news.

Kartal Pendik Masterplan

Locally, this net can be bundled to form areas of higher programmatic intensity as well as a vertical build-up of the city fabric. Infrastructure Landscape Urban Planning.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Epndik integration of these lateral connections with the main longitudinal axis creates a soft grid that forms the underlying framework for the project. As the Kartal Pendik masterplan takes shape, a new urban centre is rising in the city of Instanbul following the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area. This site uses cookies.

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The site lies at the confluence of several important infrastructural links, including the major highway connecting Istanbul to Europe and Asia, the coastal highway, sea bus terminals, and heavy and light rail links to the greater metropolitan area.

The Kartal masterplan site lies at the confluence of important transport links, including the highway connecting Istanbul to Europe and Asia, ferry terminals and port, as well as rail links to the greater metropolitan area. Kartal Pendik Analysis Definition Wool-thread simulation output The longitudinal direction was imposed via a primary artery with a series of subsidiary roads running in parallel.

Kartal Pendik is strategically placed at the confluence of several important infrastructural links — the point at which highways connecting Europe and Asia converge, meeting the coastal highway, sea terminals and rail links to the greater metropolitan area. The masterplan is further articulated by an adaptable urban script that generates different typologies of buildings in response to the different demands of each new district; creating a porous, interconnected network of spaces throughout the city.

Here is some more information on the project by the lead architect Patrick Schumacher: Master plan Mixed use Project. Also the second grasshopper file is so big to follow. Schumacher, For more information please watch the video.


As this is an ongoing project I do not expect to create exact copy of the project, but to get myself thinking in a linear logical way despite the experimental nature of the project.

I guess it could be incorporated into the existing definition if you have more experience with urban design and know what you want to achieve. You are commenting using your WordPress. The deformed grid was developed by using the boundary curve of the area of interest ,which was broken into 4 parts- North, East, West and South.

They are split into segments and the control points are use to move to or away from preselected attractor and repeller points to create the later deformed grid design.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Some areas extend out into the water, creating a matrix of floating marinas, shops, and restaurants.

Guessing exact parameters is almost impossible, so instead many sliders were included in the definition for manual control. These were used to achieve the most similar variation of the grid to the original design. Kagtal are commenting using your Twitter account. Grid Deformation Animation Deformed Grid In certain areas the net rises up to form a network of towers in an open maeterplan, while in other areas it is inverted to become a denser fabric cut through by streets, and at other times may completely fade away to generate parks and open spaces.