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Kathrein parabolic antennas are made of aluminium and . EXR Single-cable switching matrix with two twin outputs for two receivers;. Therefore exclusively use software provided by Kathrein for your switching matrix (EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use. If you use a single-cable matrix (EXU ) or a single-cable changeover matrix ( EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use must be a “Universal.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If you have misplaced your remote control, or if the batteries are empty, you can still operate your receiver from the front panel. Slide the cover back into the housing until it locks in place. When you have completed all esr for the currently selected satellite, press the oh button.

Full text of “Kathrein UFS si Satellite TV System User Manual”

The additional information available for a programme is displayed in its own window. Confirm your selection with the button. Test connection When you have set a free transmission channel, press the Q buttons to switch to the “Test Connection” selection field and press the button. Press the red button to call up the favourites list selection. This constitutes a fire hazard!

Never open the unit. The channel down button switches to the next channel down in the currently selected channel list. Mains cable Make sure that the mains cable power supply cable is not damaged. Channel will be skipped when zapping through the channels Lock: If you set the network search to “On”, the transponder network enables additional transponders that have not yet been stored to be located.


Use the Q buttons to switch to the “Automatic clock change” field. Your existing list will only be updated, any new channels found will be added at the end of the channel list.

The recording will be performed once a week on the same day and at the same time User-defined: After entering the PIN using the keypad you are shown the following display: Plan recording Target external recorder f Recording ; V. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Pay attention to the bar at the bottom of the on-screen display. The selected function can now be ,athrein in the same way as described for the respective items in this section for a single channel.

Despite their small size, the receivers have a comprehensive set of features, such as electrical and optical audio output for Dolby Digital AC 3a video output and Videotext with memory. If you set the network search to “Off”, only the factory stored transponders of the satellites you previously selected will be scanned for new as yet unlisted channels.

If in your reception system you use a single-cable LNB e. Installation location Al I electro n i c equi p me nt ge n e rate s h ea t.

Isolation from the cable network is also recommended Note any timer programs receiver and turn the unit on again promptly before the recording time. If “Off” is selected, the field for manual selection of summer and winter time is displayed below. Press the button to acknowledge this display.


Select the signal that your TV set can process. Messages here provide information on what to do next. A maximum of eight transmission channels are available,, and MHz. Enter the new four-digit PIN.


Your existing channel list will be completely superseded by a new list of available channels. Ktahrein pay attention to the bars at the bottom of the on- screen display!

The following display appears next page: After updating the data, the receiver automatically switches back to standby. Make sure your reception system is aligned to the selected satellite. Do not connect the unit to ksthrein mains until all installation work has been properly carried out. You can choose between upper or lower case letters Q button.

Press the green button to move to the next menu. Problem Cause Remedy “No or bad signal! Ensure the mains connector is accessible at all times. Single-cable system Manual Ksthrein “8 subscriber” A When the “8 subscriber” single- cable switching matrix is being used, it is essential that the LNB is set to “Universal”!

Page 63 Also pay attention to the bars at the bottom of the on-screen display! Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Simple LNB Satellite and position Use the buttons to select katgrein desired satellite whose signal is to be received by the tuner. The Smartcard should be inserted into the CA module without excessive force.