This will be a regular feature and today we are starting off with the overview of Keysi Fighting Methods Famous Pensador Technique or as it is called through its . Review of the Keysi Fighting Method Known as KFM Some time ago on purely to location and logistics as I truly feel that Keysi has a lot of techniques and. Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. . In addition to this technique and many other KFM was one of the first arts to.

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The fighting style had to be unique and animalistic in style and look as though Bruce Wayne-as-Batman had created his own style of fighting. Retrieved 1 September Although early similarities with Keysi were made, Andy has now evolved the system into something completely different.

Attack Proof 2nd Edition: That though is down purely to location and logistics as I truly feel that Keysi has a lot of techniques and tactics that will see you get home safely and to be honest feel more confident.

Principles and Techniques KFM is a philosophy of life that grows with its practioner, based on knowledge, research and experimentation. What do you do? It is NOT “technique” driven, but driven by “Instinct”. Your arm that was guarding is now an elbow to the throat and a hammerfist to the groin.

A variety of counter attacks to vital targets such as the biceps, kidneys or solar plexus are then launched. As soon as those strikes are delivered you engage the next enemy, possibly coming from another direction.

This is one technique that can make the difference should you unfortunately face real violence. What he’s employed is the Keysi fighting method, which was featured in “The Dark Knight” movie series. It was a style that was developed based on the experiences of Justo growing up and working in the Spanish mines and Andy Norman’s rich experience in the martial arts and violence in the streets of Britain.


He protects his face and torso with raised forearms while moving and striking. In this article, we will tell you about art, we will tell you all you need to know about Keysiwhat it is and how people are training now in this art. To describe what it is I feel that perhaps it would be better to see it in action. Retrieved from ” https: You’ll have to slip the punch while controlling the striking arm with one hand so the assailant can’t use it to protect his face.

KFM makes use of multiple attacking ranges, with or without weapons and nine points of contact, fists, feet, knees, elbows, head butts. I have attended just 2 seminars so my knowledge of the technique is just surface level. This is basic pack mentality and it is a successful ploy to use. The style soon became popular through its exposure in martial arts magazines as it attracted attention due to the use of the unique head cover called the Pensador and its street orientated approach.

Covering (martial arts)

Its “degree” approach allows to control multi-assailant attacks whether standing, kneeling, sitting or lying down. The big break for Keysi came when Andy Norman was asked by his good friend Buster Reeves to audition for a film.

You also don’t hesitate to hit the first attacker that comes in range. It turns a defensive position into an offensive one. By the end of the post you will understand just what the Pensador is and if you want to add it to your training.

KMF utilizes a double techniquee covering stance called The Pensador which uses the arms that metuod defending to strike while still maintaining the covering position in front of the face.

Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. How to Get Off of a Block in Football. Your elbows protect your torso as you move around in a circle, putting your back to a wall if possible to minimize the potential angles of attack. This page was last edited on 23 Augustat Luke Schmaltz has extensive experience in martial arts and personal training, which informs his writing on health and fitness.


Your brain is your computer and as such you want to protect it as best as you can.

Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)

If a person wants to hurt you they are likely to do so with a crowd or with others. He has written and produced numerous studio albums and published many articles online. Defence Lab has become a global leader in self defence and continues to evolve both its techniques and business structures.

The guard fiighting is called “Pensador,” meaning “thinking man.

The idea is that in a real-life self defense situation you do not have the time to recollect and apply the most adequate technique if it is not instinct driven. Fifhting your other hand, shove the attacker’s head into the wall.

Covering (martial arts) – Wikipedia

You bring your hands up in the guard position protecting your head. Covering is used as a defensive technique and can function on three levels of execution. metohd

I do feel that I will go into keysi but only as a support to my Judo Sambo and other systems I use. Covering in boxing starts in a boxing stance and, upon engaging the incoming strikethe arms and fists raise together with palms facing inwards and boxing gloves pressed firmly against the face to cover up the face and head. He also spends time in the entertainment world as a songwriter and performer. Rob has a natural and flowing style and breaks down the art into a format that is both easy to understand and replicate.

So there you have it. Andy had no idea it would be for Batman Begins but he took a small team to the audition and it was a short time after that they go the job. You have seen the history, the techniques and also the current state of the systems.