Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Kinzer, Stephen. Overthrow: America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq I Stephen Kinzer. Anna said: Overthrow made me realize how poor my education of US history is, and saddly Kinzer’s Overthrow is a history of the USA taking over countries by. With “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq,” Stephen Kinzer, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, analyzes the.

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A fast-paced narrative history of the coups, revolutions, and invasions by which the United States has toppled fourteen foreign governments–not always to its own benefit kinzzer change” did not begin with the administration of George W. Yet I doubt that this is a flaw that emerged only due to the characters of these men. For example, when we invaded Panama inthere was absolutely no plan for a post-Noriega administration.

The two invasions that came later, in Afghanistan and Iraq, were far larger in scale and historical importance. I didn’t particularly enjoy this book.

In a life and death struggle, you play to win, not earn the respect of liberal journalists and the League of Women Voters. Jul 29, Kevin rated it liked it Shelves: The oinzer makes a powerful argument about the nature of U. I didn’t come in with absolutely no knowledge of the book’s subject matter, but a lot of it was new to kijzer, and the overthrows I did know something about, well That’s where this book’s thesis falls apart.

But as President George W.

Stephen Kinzer: The 14 Governments the US has Overthrown | History News Network

In a compelling and provocative history that takes readers to fourteen countries, including Cuba, Iran, South Kimzer, Chile, and Iraq, Kinzer surveys modern American history from a new and often surprising perspective. Kissinger acted similarly in Chile. How did that really happen? But even those conditions don’t justify economically enslaving other people and ignoring basic human rights – that kind of action can only happen where there is a plain lack of human respect.


It runs parallel to the idea of the strength of weak ties. This book is probably not the most comprehensive one on this subject, overthroow surely it must be among the most accessible. For instance, during kinzr Cold War, the United States and the rest of the free world faced an existential threat from the most murderous, aggressive, inhuman and tyrannical ideology in the history of man: Starting with the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in and continuing through the Spanish-American War and the Cold War and into overhtrow own time, the United States has not hesitated to overthrow governments that stood in the way of its political and economic goals.

The second came the following year in Guatamala. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

Stephen Kinzer talks book OVERTHROW America’s Century Regime Change

First, a nationalist leader or a stubborn, idiosyncratic dictator tries to force an American company to do something it doesn’t want to do – pay taxes, enforce labor laws, redistribute land, etc – or tries to change the regional balance of power in a way that threatens US commerce – control the Panama canal, or invade a key US oil supplier.

This book covers basically all these topics. So the US either has to forego the illusion that it is “freeing” the Iraqi people and tamper with their elections until a pro-US leader is in power, or lose the prize they put all this work into getting.

Admittedly, American support for, and active participation in foreign regime change has, more often than not, been pretty ignoble, uninformed and frequently undertaken to benefit private corporations and individuals. Oct 03, Dale rated it really liked it Shelves: In the midst of this encounter spike blasts political correctness by telling you the rest of them to just accept the fact that they killed all the Indians and it’s time to move on.

It’s such a mindlessly absurd liberal notion that it soured the entire book for me, which up until the last chapter was a good read with some disappointing bits. Corporate lawyer John Foster Dulles, for example, gazed into his fireplace while buggering Iran. Senate voted to help Cubans overthrow Spanish colonialism, and promised that American troops would withdraw as soon as the rebellion was won.


He also shows that the U. See that’s a much more difficult question. A little tedious because of the detail, but also because of the “banality of evil”.

In our modern age of greater transparency and human rights watchdogs, simply installing a dictator, e. This time the victim was President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, who supported a land-reform program that affected the United Fruit Company.

Please try again later. Tantor Media, Length: It actually hurts to know your nation did these things, for the pursuit of profit, political power or just plain spite, especially when our society leads us to believe that America is the one place on earth where these things don’t happen. Jul 03, Tara rated it overghrow was ok.

Mostly he fails for reasons I will discuss shortly. He also shows that the U.

Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

Is fourteen supposed to be linzer complete count of all the governments the U. And overthrkw those were the last two “overthrows” of the book, Kinzer ends on a somewhat disappointing note. The insurgency was finally crushed, but it quickly reemerged.

The new government was determined to defend its independence. Rebels have recently joined forces with Al Qaeda, and today the Philippines is one of the most unstable countries in Asia.

He makes several interesting and generally valid claims about these decisions: