Kobudo Tonfa. £ £ Click the image to see the full canvas artwork. Selected artwork from the Hooded Arts clothing range are available as striking box. Weapon training class at the Santa Ana dojo during the month of September will be Tonfa. Any questions regarding Kobudo class, please speak with Senpai.

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And that is because they have all learn self-control. The surujin consists of a weighted chain or leather cord and can be found in two kinds: This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat For example, tonfa are often used in pairs, while side-handle batons generally are not.

Okinawan Kobudo – Matsubayashi | Yamanni Ryu. Bo. Sai. Kama. Tonfa.

At this point, the millstone was driven along a okbudo to grind grain into flour. The rochin short spear is cut with the length of the shaft being the same distance as the forearm to the elbow if it is being held in the hand. Large amounts of energy can be imparted to the shaft by twirling the tonfa by the handle. A form known as nunti sai, sometimes called manji sai due to its appearance resembling the swastika kkbudo has the two shorter prongs pointed in opposite directions.

The styles listed below may practice strictly weapons, or may practice another martial arts usually karate as well. Charles trains with Ryan Harden at Mesa Gilbert dojo. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers.

George Mumford from Boston, trains with tonfa at the. The tonfa, the classical night stick also referred to as the PR and side-handle baton, has been used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, but few officers really oobudo how to use this baton. But the weapons-based fighting that they secretly practiced and the types of weapons they practiced with had strong Chinese roots, and examples of similar weapons have been found in China, Malaysia and Indonesia [3] pre-dating the Okinawan adaptations.


Training also involves using one tonfa and two tonfa in self-defense techniques.

The edge of a traditional rice sickle, such as one would purchase from a Japanese hardware store, continues to the handle without a notch, as this tonffa not needed for its intended use. The nunti bo is similar to a spear, but typically composed of a bo with a manji-shaped sai mounted on the end. Hausel poses for Hall of Fame induction photo at the. The weapons of kobudo are thought to have connections with farming and fishing cultures of Okinawa.

We have the greatest students in the world who support one another and work with each other.

Arizona’s Guide to Tonfa – Martial Arts Weapon of Self-Defense

Training includes katabunkai applications and ippon kumite controlled sparringwhether they are in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, India, Vietnam or were ever they might be. Chinese nunchaku tend to be rounded, whereas Okinawan ones are octagonal, and they were originally linked by horse hair. University of Wyoming martial arts professor and research geologist at the Wyoming Geological Survey on the UW campus inducted into two Halls of Fame in the same year for two different professions.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: List of styles History Timeline Hard and soft.

Okinawan kobudō

The tinbe-rochin consists of a shield and spear. I suspect there was some influence by Heimin societies, simply because it is often discussed in Okinawan folklore and also these kobudo weapons were tools of trade for the commoner, something a member of the high society of Okinawa Pechin would likely have ignored.


Okinawaperiod The kama is a traditional farming sickleand considered one of the hardest to learn due to the inherent danger in practicing with such a weapon.

The kobudo traditions were shaped by indigenous Okinawan techniques that were modified from imported methods principally from China. Weapons similar to the tonfa are found in other Asian countries including China, Indonesia, Thailand and kobudk Philippines. Compared to garden-variety hoes, the handle tends to be thicker and usually shorter, both due to Okinawan stature, and the fact that much of the agriculture takes place on hillsides where long handles would be a hindrance.

A nunchaku is two sections of wood or metal in modern incarnations connected by a cord or chain. Professional boxing Professional kickboxing Knockdown karate Mixed martial arts Pankration Submission wrestling. The Okinawan style of oar is called an eku this actually refers to the local wood most commonly used for oars kpbudo, eikuiyekuor ieku. See news articles and letter from the University of Wyoming president at the bottom of this blog.

So what is a tonfa? Members also train in kobujutsu, or better known as samurai weapons. One of the basic moves for this weapon utilizes the fact that a fisherman fighting on the beach would be able to fling sand at an opponent.

In most Okinawa baton training, students use two tonfa unlike law enforcement. It is a weapon which can be easily hidden prior to use, and due to this fact lobudo be devastatingly effective.