As Captain of the Raven Guard’s 10th Company, he is the Master of Recruits and overseer of the training of the Space Marine Scouts. However, Korvydae. A Space Marine Captain equipped with a jump pack and a Thunderhammer, Korvydae is a fearsome opponent in combat, exemplifying his Chapter’s mastery of. Back in 4th Edition, he even had a rule to lead a unique custom unit called Shrike’s Wing, which were lightning-claw-wielding Veteran Assault.

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Lexicanum pages needing citation. Also, I’ve since learned that the Dark Fury kit comes with 5 sets of regular claws plus the special talon-like claws. Official line from FW was to just him as a Captain with jump pack and hammer. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

Captain Korvydae Rules – Forum – DakkaDakka

However a Raven Guard army must arrive in a direction facing opposite of the allied detachment. Does he even have rules anymore, or is he just a cool guy with a giant hammer? Judging by his interactions with Kor’sarro Khan, he’s even willing to look past the Ravens’ millennia-spanning rivalry with the White Scars. Ads by Project Wonderful! korvyddae

The set contains enough parts to make five marines in Mark VI armour in combination with plastics, including a Veteran Sergeant, as well as five alternate pattern Sternguard bolters. Shrike comes out of the tin with a typical captain’s stat line and a few extra bits. M41, Korvydae volunteered for two years of service in the Deathwatch to atone for his failures.


Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. While Vanguard Veterans are scoring korvyxae.

A fucking badass that wears the lightning claws once owned by Corvus Corax himself, he also has a supremely epic Beakie helmet to round out his old-school style. Only time will tell whether or not this will reflect on his statline or with a new model Your ad here, right now: As Storm Raven has replaced the Thunderhawk.

Kkorvydae all, he’s essentially just a captain with a jump pack and lightning claws. Exclusive to Scout Sergeants.

There are already two jump infantry Raven Guard captains and another one will just make him a more expensive Captain Shrike. Tu’Shan – Vulkan He’stan – Xavier. Same as the one from the Horus Heresy Extermination book. Future 40k Codex and supplements speculation thread Groups: You currently have javascript disabled. If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today!

[TMP] Two Raven Guard Releases from Forge World [40K]

Independent character Orbital Bombardment Raven Guard chapter tactics. Times and dates in your local timezone. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.

Posted 02 March – Some of these suggestions are going to be overpowered. Their black-clad Space Marines strike fear into the hearts of the enemies of humanity, while their war machines are adorned with symbols of death and inescapable fate. Standard chapter master stat line.

Shadow Captain Shrike appears to be an korfydae character, and unless you’re playing with your mates and are willing to fudge your way through the issue discussed below, he really is useless.


Shadow Force in particular is almost tailor-made for him, having a Sternguard and Vanguard squads joined by a Captain can be replaced with Shrike and a unit of Land Speeders. All flying transport vehicles can be taken as dedicated transports and all flyers can be used as Fast attack options. Alternatively, you could make rules for him if your group is cool with that. Do not fuck it up. Ah, I thought he might have been 40k but him being on the HH pages threw me. rulse

Does Korvydae still have rules?

Assume same price as Calgar or any other chapter master. Gabriel Seth – Nassir Amit. Back to top 3 ShinyRhino Posted 02 March – He can deep strike more than 9 inches first turn.

This page was last modified on 27 Mayat I think their Assault Marines with Command Squad stats and options or cheaper Vanguards with access to better gear. Has the stats of a relic blade. Being an independent character he doesn’t actually have to stick with whatever squad you brought in, which can open up a lot of fun options.

Korvdae 01 March – However this can only be done once per game.

Warhammer 40K Fan Group: