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Functional underwear winter version. Our distributors are chosen for their range of general and specialist skills, as well as their ability to offer technical support to customers across a wide range of industries. Removes oilbased paints, lacquers, resins, adhesives, contains bio-scrubbing agent with safe solvent, non-soapy. Rychle se vstebv, neobsahuje silikon. Sthnte si kompletn nabdku naich vystoupen zde Documents.

Like any other work protective aid, gloves are also subject to standards and safety requirements. Protective cover for high shoes or boots. Mercedes-Benz M Kompletn kola na jaro! Dky monosti vrstven materilu mohou vybran vrobky odolat i propchnut 0, mm silnou jehlou. Stupe odolnosti proti tlaku vody se m tak, e se na materil pilo sklenn vlec o prmru 10 cm naplnn vodou. Waterproof jacket with warm lining and removable sleeves. Working shoesWe offer the safety foot-wear for dynamic and active people.

Boots with steel toe cap, PU sole and water resistant waxed leather upper. Ladies cut gloves from imitation suede on palm, Spandex back, Velcro tightening cuffs and decorative print application.

Disposable protective shoe cover. Pants with removable legs. Work jacket with reinforcement at exposed areas. Zde si sthnte kompletn program v PDF Documents. Two-piece protective outfit with hood in practical packaging. Tato montrkov kolekce se vymyk nejen barevnch kombinac a variabilitou odv, ale pedevm vynikajcm pomrem cena: Manet rozeznvme mnoho druh.

Dnes se obuv vyrb rznmi technologiemi z mnoha materil odlinho proveden a specifickch vlastnost. Odv pat do kategorie CE III, typu 4 a 5, je odoln nory chemikli, prniku radioaktivnch stic a infeknch agent. If some of the material normu or abreviations used in this catalogue are not clear, please check our Terms dictionary on page or visit our web site www.


Icons indicated symbolize either material characteristics and provide information relating to the standard to which the clothes are certified.

Dky vce ne 50 letm zkuenost je znaka Peltor a E-A-R spolen s portfoliem chrni sluchu znaky 3M pslibem vrobk vynikajc kvality, kter poskytuj optimln rovnovhu mezi pohodlm a ochranou. Jejich kolem je ochrnit oblast o, ppadn i st oblieje. Ladies permeable and water resistant softshell jacket with inside fleece and removable foldaway hood.

Gloves are manufactured in billions of pieces around the world and next to clothing and handbags are the most plagiarized product. Overall with multifunctional pockets. EN EN chemical resistant pants with Antistatic, flameproofIndex 1, 12x40C and elastic waist, fused sealed seams and adjustable leg length. Pidnm dalch materil zskv fleece nov vlastnosti jako prunost nebo odolnost proti vtru a vod. Dodvny ve dvou variantch: Ladies softsell jacket with seamed zippers, waterproof, kuchzsk and breathable.

Jackets, vests or pants made from permeable, water resistant or steam permeable material can not only be worn to work but also for leisure activities. For safety glasses to fit everyone some models have length or angle adjustable arms. ESD protective coat with stand up collar and concealed closing. Thermoinsulated flannel shirt with lining. Die Reduzierung der Gasmenge erfolgt zwischen dem Symbol und dem Symbol.


Aby ochrann brle sedly tm kadmu, maj stranice nkterch model monost nastaven jak dlky, tak hlu. Cork slippers with sponge rubber sole and leather upper. Flameproof underwear long johns with front fly. Use only for cleaning the hands. Knitted, seamless, nylon gloves 15GGwith elastic rubber application on palm and fingers and elastic cuff.

Panoramic shape, visor attached by rubber band. Coloured smoke, clear PC visor, temples with adjustable length, tinted black, blue semirimmless mount. Antistatic waterproof overall Tyvek Industry DuPont with collar, resistant against normh solutions, asbestos and dust.

Progress especially of the last few years in the design area of advanced work protective glasses has moved forward significantly.

Ladies or mens steam permeable and waterproof fleece jacket with 3 layers of lamino fleece and 3 outer pockets. Rain jacket with foldaway hood in collar, back ventilation, overlaid zipper, 2 pockets and fused sealed seams.

erva kompletn katalog

Visor polycarbonate HC-AF, grey-orange frame. Protective overall with hood, impermeable protective layer, sealed seams, self adhesive zipper flap and elastic wrists and legs. Reversible kuchaek with fused sealed seams and adjustable leg length. Disposable apron with bib.

erva kompletn katalog

Home Brands Categories Search. Some scientists declare that man hasnt been walking around barefoot for over 40 thousand years.

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