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Wilson, The Culture of Ancient Egypt p. As the Hittite forces approached the Bbataille camp again, the Ne’arin troop contingent from Amurru suddenly arrived, this time surprising the Hittites. In addition to these kadesj, the Hittite king also hired the services of some of the local Shasu tribes. Although there is more evidence in the form of texts and wall reliefs for this battle than for any other battle in the Ancient Near Eastalmost all of it is from an Egyptian perspective.

Bryce suggests that, although it may have fallen once again under Hittite control, it is more likely Amurru remained a Hittite vassal state.

As a result of the multiple Kadesh inscriptionsit is the best documented battle in all of ancient history. Ancient Egypt portal Ancient Near East portal. If the Chief of the Royal Bodyguard is lq here, then that position was held by his brother Hattusili, who quite clearly did not die.

The Hittites, who believed their enemies to be totally routed, had stopped to plunder the Egyptian camp and, btaille doing so, became easy targets for Ramesses’ counterattack.

Egyptian tactical victory, strategically indecisive. The New Kingdom p. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Battle of Kadesh. Dardania allies of the Trojans, [47] northwest Anatolia.


The new lighter, faster, two-man Egyptian chariots bataillle able to pursue and take down the slower three-man Hittite chariots from behind as they overtook them. An enlarged replica of the Kadesh agreement hangs on a wall at the headquarters of the United Nationsas the earliest international peace treaty known to historians. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Lukka lands Lycia and Caria, southwest Anatolia.

Also significant was the presence of Sherden troops within the Egyptian army. The treaty that was established was inscribed on a silver tablet, of which a clay copy survived in the Hittite capital of Hattusain modern Turkeyand is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. His majesty proceeded northward. This is especially true of Hattusili III, for whom the battle marked an important milestone in his career. As the retreat reached the river, he ordered another thousand chariots to attack the Egyptians, the stiffening element consisting of the high nobles who surrounded the king.

He made an informal peace with the Hittites, took control of coastal areas along the Mediterranean Sea and continued to campaign in Canaan.

However, the momentum of the Hittite attack was already starting to wane, as the impending obstacles of such a large camp forced many Hittite charioteers to slow their attack; some were killed in chariot crashes.

Battle of Kadesh – Wikipedia

They are more numerous than the grains of sand on the beach. Within a year, they had returned to kades Hittite fold, which meant that Ramesses had to march against Dapur once more in his tenth year. Finally, the Ptah division arrived from the south, threatening the Hittite rear. Archived from the original on April 16, Led by its king, Talmi-Sarruma, grandson of Suppiluliuma I.


Battle of Kadesh

Egyptian Warfare with panel of three experts. The thin strip of territory pinched between Amurru and Kadesh did not make for a stable possession. I had heard that he was in the land of Aleppo.

He has sent us to spy on you. When they had been brought before Pharaoh, His Majesty asked, ‘Who are you? Event occurs at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Relief inside his Abu Simbel temple. bataiole

Champs de Bataille II: La bataille de Kadesh | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

An Encyclopedia of Battles. Instead, there are various references made to it in the context of other events. From the “Poem” Now then, his majesty had prepared his infantry, his chariotry, and the Sherden of his majesty’s capturing, The division of Amon was on the march behind kadesg the division of Re was crossing the ford in a district south of the town of Shabtuna at the distance of one iter from the place where his majesty was; dd division of Ptah was on the south of the town of Arnaim; the division of Set was marching on the road.