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At the same moment, he perceives through his eyes the shape of the bodies of which these words are the arbitrary signs. Since there are obvious communications between a mother and child, p it is difficult to deny the facts reported by Tulpius and other equally trustworthy writers there are none that are more sowe believe that it is through the same path that the fetus feels impetuosity of maternal intelligence, just as soft wax receives mzchine kinds of impressions.

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Julien de La Mettrie mettrif considered one of the hommf influential determinists of the eighteenth century. Sign in Create an account. By this line of observations and truths, we come to connect the admirable power of thought with matter, without being able to see the links, because the subject of this attribute is essentially unknown to us.

It is the same way with us. By their enthusiasm, by what they will tell you they have experienced, you will judge the cause by its effects; by that harmony which Borelli, a mere anatomist, understood better than all the Leibnizians, you will comprehend the material unity of man.

L’homme Machine

They would escape the eyes of a lynx and of an argus. Only though nature do we have any good qualities; to her we owe all that we are. The human body is a machine which winds its own springs. I shall omit any reference to the effect of poisons. Nothing, as o one can see, is so simple as the mechanism of our education.

A Conceptual History of Psychology. The metaphysicians who have hinted that matter may well be endowed with the faculty of thought have perhaps not reasoned ill.

Man a Machine – Wikipedia

Furthermore, we catch everything from those with whom we come in contact; their gestures, their accent, etc. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart.


From this it follows that after death the natural resilience of each substance is still more or less strong according to the remnants of life which it outlives, being the last to perish.

L’homme Machine a Study in the Origins of an Idea. The movements are so quick, that it seems almost as if there were no succession. And the same marks or desires of the mother can be imprinted on the fetus without this being able to be understood, whatever Blondel and his adherents might say. Julien Jan Offray de mettrie Mettrie ed.

He did not believe in the existence of God. As the motion of the blood is calmed, a sweet feeling of peace and quiet spreads through the whole mechanism. But as man, even though he should come from an apparently still more lowly source, would yet be the most perfect of all beings, so whatever the origin of his soul, if it is pure, noble, and lofty, it is a beautiful soul which dignifies the man endowed with it.

In other macuine Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. To be a machine, to feel, to think, to know how to distinguish good from bad, as well as blue from yellow, in a word, to be born with an intelligence and a sure nettrie instinct, and to be but an animal, are therefore characters which are no more contradictory, than to be an ape or a parrot and to be able to give oneself pleasure.

For our compatriots fight, Swiss against Swiss, brother against brother, recognize each other, and yet capture and kill each other without remorse, because a prince pays for the murder.

Trembley has found cases where reproduction takes place without copulation and by fission.

But as the power of the will is exercised by means of the nerves, it is likewise limited by them. In Switzerland we had a bailiff by the name of M. Critical edition by John Falvey. This savagery creates in kachine soul, pride, hatred, scorn of other nations, indocility and other sentiments which degrade the character, just as heavy food makes a dull and heavy mind whose usual traits are laziness and indolence. Nature has built these foundations for the whole human race, but uomme have used them, mettire others have abused them.

Descartes, la Mettrie, Language. Aram Vartanian – – Corpus: The excellence of reason does not depend on a big word devoid of meaning immaterialitybut on the force, extent, and perspicuity of reason honme. But in pardoning the faults of the structure of mind and body, he will none the less admire the beauties and the virtues of both. The mind, like the body, has its contagious diseases and its scurvy. Against so strong and solid an oak, what could the weak reeds of theology, of metaphysics, and of the schools, avail, — childish arms, like our parlor foils, that may well afford the pleasure of fencing, but can never wound an adversary.



The first being weak continuity, suggesting that humans and animals are made of the same things but are organized differently. That is why we have to take others at their words, or judge them by the sensible and external signs we have noticed in ourselves when we experienced the same accusations of conscience and the same torments. That is to suppose that a flute player could play brilliant cadences on an infinite number of holes that he could not know, and on which he could not even put his finger!


But nourish mwchine body, pour into its veins life-giving juices and strong liquors, and then the soul grows strong like them, as if arming itself with a proud courage, and the soldier whom water would have made to flee, grows bold and runs joyously to death to the sound of drums. That parts that are attracted to each other, that are made to unite and to occupy this or that place all unite in keeping with their nature, and that in this way are formed the eyes, the heart, the stomach and finally the entire body, as great men have written, all this is possible.

Such is, I think, the generation of intelligence. The weight of the universe therefore far from crushing a real atheist does not even shake him. This is mettire true that the English who eat meat red and bloody, and not as well done as ours, seem to share more or less in the savagery due to this kind of food, and to other causes which can be rendered ineffective by education only.