by: Laurence Gardner – The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed. The time- honoured quest for the Holy Grail has been referred to by some as the ‘ultimate quest’. Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail [Laurence Gardner] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A controversial book based on sovereign and. Laurence Gardner – Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed (Realm of the Holy Grail) – Music.

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When a dynastic child was conceived at the wrong time of year, the mother was generally placed in monastic custody for the birth so as to avoid public embarrassment.

Its representation was that of the sacred vessel of the ‘vas uterus’. Indeed, it was not until the summer of that the notion of Hell was abolished by the General Synod of the Anglican Churchand it was this very notion grakl had caused such problems for GalileoNewton and others.

He explains that Jesus was born through his father Joseph into the Davidic line of Judah – a line which held the right of kingship but had no right to priesthood, for this was the sole prerogative of the line of Aaron and Levi.

This extraordinary and controversial topic is packed with intrigue. This is explicitly maintained in non-canonical Gospels and even the Islamic Koran confirms the fact in no uncertain terms. Goly recently confirmed by the Supreme Judge and Attorney Laurdnce of Israel, it was quite illegal for the Sanhedrin Council to sit at night or to operate during the Passover – so the timing for committing Jesus to Roman law was perfect. But it did not say that in the original Gospels. This is because of bloodlnie notional time change, when three hours disappeared from the day, to be replaced with three night-time hours that is laurehce say, daylight hours were substituted with hours of darkness.

He was recorded to have died at the age of 80 on 27 July AD 82, and would therefore have been aged 32 at the time of the Crucifixion.

The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

From the s, the powerful Knights Templars and their cathedrals posed an enormous threat to laurece male-only Church by bringing the heritage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to the fore in the public domain. By following the chronology of the Acts, we see that in September AD 37 a second child was born, followed by another in AD Throughout this history, however, Grail lore has always been consistent in its social prediction that only when the Messianic wound has been healed, will the wasteland return to fertility.


The Catholic Churchon the other hand, maintains the notion of Hell – and so, in the eyes of Rome, the Anglican Protestants have now become heretics in this regard. The Da Vinci code is for amateurs. This book opens up a whole debate on biblical accuracy, whether to take the bible literally as Word of God, or as “inspired” by the Word of God but “written” by gral, and therfore subject to the beliefs and influences at the time of the writing. Although many of these books were not rediscovered until the 20th century, they were used openly by the early Christians.

Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and the like. It is an account of good government and bad government; about how the patriarchal kingship of people was supplanted by dogmatic tyranny and the dictatorial lordship of lands.

Had Mary actually been physically virgo intactathe Semitic word used would have been bethulahnot almah.

But, laurennce, all scientists and scholars who upheld the principles of evolution were classified as heretics. There are Gospel accounts of Jesus talking to the Father from the cross, culminating in “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” – and the appointed Father of the day was the Magian apostle Simon Zelotes.

It is perpetuated hkly family and lineage. According to the history, there may also be debate whether some facts were meant to be literal, or figurative so that only the “true garrdner of the time might have access and knowledge of Jesus’ teachings, lboodline it would be hidden from the non believers. It was this implicitly social concept which the High Church found so difficult to overcome, for the bishops preferred to have dominion over territorial kings who were authorized by the Pope.

Cyrenius was not appointed Governor of Syria until AD 6, and this was the very year that Emperor Augustus implemented the census, which was supervised by Cyrenius himself. In fact, the settlement at Nazareth was established in the AD 60s, thirty years or so after the Crucifixion. But there were other Jews – in particular the Nazarenes and Esseneswho were influenced by a more liberal, western doctrine.


Laurence Gardner – Bloodline Of The Holy Grail

In essence, there were daytime hours and there were night-time hours. Barbara Ish rated it liked it Mar 03, We shall be looking at the emergent family in some detail, following their laudence, century by century – the story of a resolute royal dynasty: The fact that Jesus had descendants might come as a surprise to some, but it was widely known in Britain and Europe until the late Middle Ages.

This key aspect of the Grail Code was perpetuated at the very heart of nursery tale and folklore. Realm of the Ring Lords. First weddings were always held in the month of Atonement modern September and betrothal feasts were held three months before that.

The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner

It follows his life and details his marriage, along with the birth of his own son. By daybreak, the ships had set sail for various destinations – notably Portugal and Scotland. Researchers, misguided by the fictional locations of the romances, have searched in vain through the chronicles of Brittany, Wales and the West of England.

The descendant heirs of Jesus posed an enormous threat to the Roman High Church because they were the dynastic leaders of the true Nazarene Church. In real terms, the Roman Church should never have existed at all, for it was no more than a strategically designed hybrid movement comprised of various pagan doctrines attached to a fundamentally Judaeo-Christian base.

Published May 1st by Element Books first published January 1st More and more people are searching for the original, uncluttered roots of their faith and for their purpose in society.

The Nativity is not mentioned at all in Mark or John, and Matthew makes it quite plain that Jesus was born in a house. Probably the most misrepresented book of the New Testament is the book of The Revelation of St John the Divine – misrepresented by the Church, that is, not by the book itself.