The Lavochkin La-5 (Лавочкин Ла-5) was a Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II. It was a . Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star Volume 10). Among the fighter aircraft thrown into the fray was the Lavochkin “LaGG-3”, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar . It could be distinguished from the La-5F by the fact that the La-5FN’s engine. Buy Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10) 1st Edition by Yefim Gordon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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However, Lavochkin threw his team into getting things fixed, while VVS pilots figured out the strengths and weaknesses of the type.

Lavochkin Piston Fighters

There were self-sealing fuel tanks in the wing center section and the outer wings, with a total capacity of liters US gallons. Macdonald and Jane’s Publishers Ltd. However it could be argued that it has done more good than any other aircraft on this list as Tigercats operated for piston-ejgined years as fire-fighting tanker aircraft in California.

Retrieved from ” https: Lavochkin aircraft Soviet fighter aircraft — World War II Soviet fighter aircraft Low-wing aircraft Single-engined tractor aircraft Aircraft first flown in Every now and then I ask myself what high performance piston fighter would make me very happy if I owned one and, being British, the Sea Fury wins out.

Lavochkin La-7 – Wikipedia

The flight tests validated Lavochkin’s modifications and it was ordered into production under the designation of La-7, although the B cannon were not yet ready for production and the production La-7 retained the two mm ShVAK cannon armament of the La Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Had the jet engine not burst onto the scene, it is likely that a spate of designs would have aped its revolutionary layout.


Utilizing MW 50 both German fighters had superior performance at all altitudes. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

In addition, there were a number of subvariants and special modifications of the La While still inferior to the best German fighters at higher altitudes, the La-5 proved to be every bit their match closer to the ground.

Worst of all, it could not meet the German Messerchmitt Bf F or its successor variants on even terms, with Red Air Lvochkin pilots suffering painful losses. Whether it would have lived up to its obvious potential will remain unknown, having the misfortune to emerge into a world teeming with inferior but numerous Spitfires and Tempests.

The nose cannon was swapped out in early production for another UBS machine gun until something more satisfactory could be done. One holds the absolute climb rate record for piston-engined aircraft, the other the maximum speed record. Along with production aircraft, an La-5F was experimentally fitted with a turbocharger, being redesignated “La-5TK”; it did have improved altitude performance, but it was not put into production. A quantity of “hybrid” UTI La-9 trainers were piston-enginex with the La powerplant installation, but otherwise featuring the lighter La-9 airframe; these machines have sometimes been incorrectly labeled with the designation of “LaUTI”.

The La-9 reflected the La-7 in its general configuration, with AShFN radial engine, three-bladed prop with large prop spinner, guns in the top engine cowling, same overall flight surface layout, same taildragger landing gear arrangement, the oil cooler under the belly; the La-9 even had almost the exact same dimensions and nearly the same empty piston-engiined as the La You are commenting using your WordPress.

Lavochkin La-5

Its first flight was in early and it entered service with the Soviet Air Forces later in the year. The I had a millimeter MP-6 “motorcannon”– designed to fit with the engine and firing through the prop hub — plus two UBS Click here for the Twin-Spitfire 3.


It also piiston-engined fitted with a reflector gunsight and a gun camera in the wing. Thank you for reading Hush-Kit. Faster and far longer ranged than the first-generation jets, the Hornet also happens to be achingly beautiful.

At one point during the month, they had fourteen aircraft simultaneously unserviceable with engine failures. However, several dozen La-5s were built as “La-5UTI” tandem-seat trainers, these machines having only one cannon, along with elimination of other operational kit. The first of two I prototypes, painted cherry red, flew for the first time on 30 Marchwith A.

However, initial production was at State Factory 23 in Leningrad, with plans in place for production of piston-engimed LaGG-3 at other state factories in Tallinn, Novosibirsk, and Denpropetrovsk. This is an unusual feature in an aircraft, you could do anything on one engine, almost, that you could do on two. Gorbunov still being with the programme. Working from there, the Lavochkin OKB engineers then replaced the carbureted MF engine with the fuel-injected MVN AKA AShFN radial, resulting in the “La-5FN”, the definitive variant of the series, which went into combat in the summer of — though due to engine delivery issues, it didn’t go into full production until the fall.

The Sea Fury was sent to war in Korea, where it proved itself an excellent warplane, notably downing a MiG jet fighter in With the power of a two-engined aircraft and the frontal cross-section of a single: