Leader of the Pack has ratings and 82 reviews. Carol. said: Tolerable, but doubtful if I’ll ever pick up the other books in the series. This is act. Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney – book cover, description, publication history. Leader of the Pack is the third installment in Karen MacInerney’s “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. The first two books released to rave reviews, and this.

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You know, these clumsy or embarrassing moments that made me laugh my ass off. Sophie is content with blowing him off completely until she receives word from Tom, a fellow werewolf, that her father is going to be tried for murder.

The scrapes, and razor-burn, are all part of keeping her world in balance. He offers his help to save her dad but that seems to have a catch, a real big one. They might kill me or stick me in a cage. Someone needs to edit these books for more than spelling and grammar errors. In On the Prowl, readers were left off with wondering exactly who and what Mark was.

Paperbackpages. Sophie’s life gets a little MORE hairy when macinermey long-estranged father, Luc, arrives in the Live Music Capital to attend the werewolves’ annual Howl and reconnect with his daughter.

Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney

I don’t see how, as Sophie seems fairly indiscreet, as her “best friend” knows about being a were and her main goal is to become one.

MacInerney’s finale, it left the reader feeling like “that’s it”. I really enjoyed this book. Surprisingly, the challenge of figuring out the real killer is a good mystery.


And the introduction of Sophie’s absent father who is now on trial by the Houston pack plunges her and her friends into new territory of pack politics and a battle for succession, which has a surprisingly satisfying ending. I picked up the first book in the series by random, and immediately got drawn into this series.

She would like nothing better than to forget her heritage as a werewolf and has kwren forced into the supernatural world a lot lately. Now discovered, she’s not pushed into a world so quickly, she doesn’t know how to get out of it, and probably won’t be able to. When he tells the story, he says that he and Beate broke up because her mother forced them to.

Leader of the Pack

I was not snickering about the novel. To ask other readers questions about Leader of the Packplease sign up. She’s determined to do karej to prove him innocent and so she sets out to find the real killer and why they’re trying to frame Luc. This book changes everything in Sophie’s world.

Sophie discovers her father is being held prisoner by his long-time enemy, Wolfgang. Ditto for the male lead of the book.

Along the way, Sophie must deal karfn taboo attractions, Machiavellian intrigues, sinister agendas, and hair-raising betrayals. I’ll just cross my fingers that 4 will eventually happen. Will be bring her even further down the dark side of his affections?

Leader of the Pack by Karen MacInerney (2 star ratings)

Even though Luc’s pretty much a stranger to Sophie, she can’t just let him die without trying to help him. Since Sophie hasn’t grown up with werewolves, she also has to learn adn grow, and paco get to do what with her. Throughout the trilogy, Sophie seems to agonize over her animal chemistry no pun intended with Tom since he is Lindsey’s companion.


And if she does give her heart away, can she–or her mate–keep it from being ripped out by the murderous Houston pack? She didn’t grow up around him, he’s basely a stranger and now he expects everything to be okay after twenty-something years? Once you start reading you won’t want to put down as you will want to fund out what trouble Sophie gets into next and whether or not Tom is meant to be more than just a Leader of the Pack is the third book in the Urban Werewolf series, it was a good read and a somewhat new way of looking at Wherewolfs.

I was gripped by this story and all the action going on in it from the beginning. This mwcinerney turns Sophie’s world completely upside down, no part of her life is left untouched. I don’t see how, as Sophie seems fairly indiscreet, as her “best friend” knows about being a were and her main goal is to become one.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Tolerable when you can’t find any better chocolate. I’ve been searching the authors website to see when we can expect 4 out, but it appears that this might actually just be a trilogy.

Sophie showed amazing strength and intelligence. I really don’t know what else can be said. But within pakc couple days of being in town he is accused to murdering a local wolf and is going to be put to death.