Written in by Leopoldina Fortunati, this rigorous account of reproductive labor under capitalism has long been underappreciated within. The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati. Reviewed by Kersplebedeb. This is important. Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital [Leopoldina Fortunati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Italy’s.

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Published by Autonomedia infourteen years after its initial publication in Italian, the only available English translation of The Arcane of Reproduction is difficult to approach.

This elasticity has also come about in consequence of women making more cash-oriented as opposed to goods-oriented agreements with men. Open Preview See a Problem? If you do and you don’t have a copy, let me know. The members of Lotta Femminista were also making an appeal to forhunati male comrades, as Federici discloses in their defense. It appears as a place of “love,” but is in reality a place of alienation, of commoditization, of non-communication. Lisa rated it did not like it Nov 24, Children “must” go to school whether they want to or not, for example, and everyone is aware that the family is in reality the pool of dortunati on which capital draws.

However, there is also another circuit, which waged laborers necessarily engage in for access to means of life: It is well known that extremely destructive relationships do create a cost for capitalism fucked up reprduction, police interventions, leopolina, etc.

While capitalism may impose a structurally unequal exchange between houseworker and waged worker, there is room for a lot of variation in how this plays out, and a lot of room to manoeuver.

In this regard Wages leooldina Housework and its complementary theoretical strategy can be understood as a political move to mobilize women and male rreproduction around the reproductive sector. The point is that an understanding of housework, mothering, sex, emotional care and other traditionally female unwaged work as being integrated into capitalism, as being as vital to it as the production of planes or cars or guns or whatnot, provides a new way of looking at some old questions, one which hopefully may lead reproductjon a better integration of anti-patriarchal perspectives within anti-capitalist struggles, and vice versa.

The outcome of austerity measures and restructuring will be the capitalist attack on women — unless we resist it, and place the viewpoint of reproductive labor at the center of our struggles.

The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital

While i know that there is an element of truth, a factual insight of sorts, in this way of seeing things [ 1 ], it begs as many questions as it answers, for instance there is no discussion of how this labour sex work is different than other activities that make people feel good or relieve their stress i. While these aspects of the capitalist totality are insufficiently theorized by Marxists, they are absolutely imperative to understanding the reproducibility of a system based upon the accumulation of value and the exploitation of wage-labor.


To ask other readers questions about Arcane of Reproductionplease sign up. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati Reviewed by Kersplebedeb This is important, and yet… Ideas — ones that need to be chewed over, and sometime spat out in rejection.

It is so much like work that it ought to be paid and in fact often is. In the way the term is used here, anything you do that gives someone else sustenance could be a part of the reproduction of labour-values.

But its use-value consists in its subsequent exercise of that power… The consumption of labor-power is completed, as in the case of every other commodity, outside the market or the sphere of circulation… in the hidden abode of production.

It delineates the gendered character of reproductive work, housework, and sex work, and the structural category or gendered subject who performs this particular kind of socially necessary work specific to the capitalist mode of production.

Of course, this cost for capitalism is more than made up for by the incredible benefits it gets from the exploitation of women both in the family and in the lowest paying jobs, both of arcanr come as loepoldina of the same big patriarchal package deal. On the other hand, none of these people — houseworker, domestic servant or care worker — is a productive worker in relation to the male worker, despite the fact that the work of each one of them provides him with a product — cooked food.

With a sample of 3, people, the Arcxne study found that unmarried men were 1. This is a separate question from whether it produces value; in fact, it must remain non-valued: Especially for this reason, I hope to contribute to making this text understood, by breaking its system down into component parts and performing a brief reassemblage. May 23, Kersplebedeb rated it liked it Recommends it for: Most importantly, although i think Fortunati is wrong in some of her conclusions, the ground she is walking on is ground we should all be exploring.


So perhaps, taken further, Fortunati might consider mutually destructive encounters between family-members to be akin to warfare, and relationships which give us emotional sustenance with just occasional maintenace work as being machines? Powered by Esplanade Theme and WordPress. The point is the political, as opposed to the moral, viewpoint of the proletariat — that which arises from the wage and class relation of exploitation itself.

The Gendered Circuit: Reading The Arcane of Reproduction – Viewpoint Magazine

Yet even assuming cortunati is so, that Fortunati would acrane with this extention of her argument, i still see problems on the horizon…. I am thinking here of the houseworker who is angered by the exploitation their spouse experiences on the job, or the feelings of anger and distress that men can feel when they hear how their girlfriend, wife, mother or daughters are subjected to violence and harassment every day, or parents who are distressed and angered when they hear of how their children are dehumanized and brutalized at school.

Although many people conceptually would not think of having a child as continuing the human race, in a way capitalism treats the creation of a child as production. There is, on the other hand, an understanding of provincialization as a stretching that underlines the need for an extension and displacement of the borders ….

May 15, Lauren Levitt rated it liked it Shelves: Everyone cares about who controls our bodies, because women forgunati the most important thing in society.

Want to Read saving…. Furthermore, even to its most practical and well-meaning critics, the actual relationship between gender and srcane social relations remains an enigma. For every productive moment, there is a corresponding moment in terms of reproduction.

Perhaps biopower is outside of the scope of this book, but seems like a necessary component for any contemporary and I include the early 80s in this analysis of Capital and Power. It has many specific characteristics that make the production of human beings different than the production of television sets, but both are forms of work determined by capitalism, in which indirectly or directly the capitalist class exploits the worker. But then in chapter 13 she makes it clear, and eloquently leopolidna.