Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “Systematic Theology” in the estates of men cannot be accounted for on the basis of the efficacy of the free will of man. Lewis Sperry Chafer was the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary. the first President of the seminary and as the Professor of Systematic Biblical Theology. Systematic Theology (4 Volume Set) [Lewis Sperry Chafer] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The original eight volumes now complete and.

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The appearance of the eight-volume work in Systematic Theology by President Lewis Sperry Chafer of Dallas Theological Seminary is without question an epoch in the history of Christian doctrine. Xperry treated the doctrine of Christ in theology proper and soteriology, President Chafer presents here the entire doctrine systematically in new form and additional content. The intdwelling Spirit is presented as the source of power to overcome sin and is the author of the fruit of the Spirit.

Essentials – The Bible 3. There is no other work in systematic theology which is comparable to it. Modern Christianity has too often been reduced to promotion of an idealistic moralism and a desire for organizational unity.

The treatment is again fresh, original, Biblical, and practical. The systemtic of this volume to those seeking material on a particular subject is obvious. After an introductory chapter on the name of the Holy Spirit, the deity of the Spirit is sustained by delineation of the Scriptural evidence found in His divine attributes and in His divine works.


The Holy Spirit convicts the world. The need for a comprehensive statement of the cuafer doctrine of the person and work of the Holy Spirit called for this volume.

Change e-Sword Tab Order? The doctrines which it contains have been preached in various forms by most of the great premillennial Bible teachers of the last fifty years. Regardless what theological position may be assumed by the reader, he will find this work definitive in its field. The result was a revived interest in the second coming of Christ, a movement away from the established church as a decadent institution, and a return to the more simple Biblical and apostolic concepts, methods, and beliefs.

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It is recommended for any serious student of the Word. The Word Salvation No. It deals fully with the technical problems of theology in this field and yet is brilliant and moving systrmatic its presentation. Posted 29 August – There has been proper appreciation of the doctrinal heritage of the Church Fathers and the Protestant Reformers.

The appeal is constantly to Biblical authority rather than to philosophy, tradition, or creed. Great book, and in Great shape. Walking the Romans Road. For the first time modern Fundamentalism has been systematized in an unabridged systematic theology. To provide easy access to related material in the entire series a separate volume of indices has been prepared, including a Scriptural index, an index of authors, and a subject index.

Vernon McGee Nahum 1: Aystematic email this page to a friend: Sperryy — Jhn 1: Search Results in Other Versions. I can’t find the premium modules for e-sword.


Lewis Sperry Chafer

Login to your account. In eschatology, amillennialism became more vocal, divided into different systems of interpretation within themselves, and postmillennialism, an offshoot of Socinianism, came into vogue. The issues were the doctrine of illumination—the work of the Holy Spirit teaching the Scriptures without the medium of priest or church, the priesthood of every believer, justification by faith, and the authority of the Bible.

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A brief biographical sketch of the author is included, written by Dr. The contribution of President Chafer in the field of soteriology has been hailed as the most important of all his theological works. Its appearance in a day when liberal interpretation and unbelief have riddled the Biblical basis for theological study is in itself highly significant.

The work is remarkably Biblical. Wikipedia has an adequate biography of Dr. Also shop in Also shop in.

Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Systematic Theology – MySword – Bible Support

I contacted them and liked what I learned. Satan by Lewis Sperry Chafer. View the e-Sword Manual? As a representative, authoritative, and comprehensive treatment of systematic theology it will occupy a place filled by no other publication.

Taken as a whole the eight volumes in Systematic Theology constitute a monument in the field of theological literature.