The reform of the “Ley de vagos y maleantes” (“Vagrancy Act”) declared homosexuality illegal, equating it with procuring. The text of the law declares. This is a list of notable events in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) The reform of the “Ley de vagos y maleantes” ( “Vagrancy Act”) declared homosexuality illegal, equating it with procuring. The text of the. The present Ley sobre Vagos y Maleantes, Law of Vagrants and Crooks, which dates from , permits the administrative detention for up to.

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The majority of these people are subsequently released after a few hours, but many are held under the Law malrantes Vagrants and Crooks and kept for many days in cells in police stations and in prisons.

While the Venezuelan Government has repeatedly acknowledged that the Law of Vagrants and Crooks infringes the Venezuelan Constitution ldy the country’s obligation to uphold ratified international human rights instruments, the Law of Vagrants and Crooks continues to be applied by most Venezuelan state authorities.

The law classifies as Vagos or vagrants, those out of work, or allegedly working in illicit professions “constituting a threat to society” [3] ; those profiting from prostitution or from illegal activities attempting against the public moral or customs; loiterers and others promoting idleness; and those begging for money under religious pretexts, employing minors and the mentally-ill for begging or pretending to be physically disabled or sick in order to beg.

The law has also been sporadically used to arbitrarily imprison homosexuals accused of prostitution by the police.

Todo individuo tiene derecho a la libertad y a la seguridad personales. The guards reportedly started beating him near other prisoners, but he managed to break away and ran towards the director’s office, crying for help. The Minister’s decision is final.

Campos de concentraciĆ³n para vagos y maleantes en EspaƱa |

Criminal procedure shall be public, except in so far as may be necessary to lwy the interests of justice. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

For a number of years, Amnesty International has been concerned about the use of the Ley sobre Vagos y MaleantesLaw of Vagrants and Crooks, to detain large numbers of the poorer sectors of the leey and, in some cases, journalists, peasant activists and critics of the government. Amnesty International remains concerned that vagox duty of prison guards to guarantee the safety of all prisoners under their responsibility continues to be neglected, leading in many instances to grave human rights violations.


No one shall be detained for debt. He was vaogs beaten and kicked by the police. In the determination of any criminal charge against him, everyone shall be entitled to the following minimum guarantees, in full equality:.

The reform of the “Ley de vagos y maleantes” “Vagrancy Act” [4] declared homosexuality illegal, equating it with procuring. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat The detainee is accused and sentenced by the same authority and the defendant has no access to an independent or impartial tribunal.

19554 was highly illegal under the dictatorship of Francisco Francowith laws against homosexual activity vigorously enforced and homosexual people being imprisoned in large numbers. In Februarythe delegates found the prison’s facilities to be grossly inadequate.

The prison authorities had previously denied that inmates were subjected to any form of torture or ill-treatment. Thursday, 27 December However, in the s clandestine gay scenes began to emerge in Barcelonaan especially tolerant city under Franco’s regime, and in the countercultural centers of Ibiza and Sitges a town in the province of Barcelona, Cataloniathat remains a highly popular gay tourist destination.

Although the Law of Vagrants and Crooks, is widely used in many states to hold maleantee belonging primarily to the poorest sectors of society, it has also been used to detain political activists.

Every person has the right to personal liberty and security. Every person shall have the right to a hearing with due guarantees and within a reasonable time, by maleatnes competent, independent and impartial tribunal, previously established by law, in the substantiation of any accusation of a criminal nature made against him or for the determination of his rights or obligations of a civil, labour, fiscal or any other nature.

He was allegedly harassed by other prisoners and had to be transferred to another annex because of this.

An early version of these proposals was discussed in the meeting that the Amnesty International delegation held with Dr. Retrieved November 15, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Amnesty International sent a letter to the Attorney General on 11 Novemberstrongly condemning the killing and demanding an impartial investigation into the incident. The Commission’s findings should be made public and taken into consideration by the respective authorities before adopting the LPSC.


He was then transferred to CAR El Dorado where he was also reportedly punched and beaten with sticks and peinillas sabres.

Some gay activists deplore the fact that, even today, reparations have not been made. And although the authority of the Holy Scripturesand the censure of ldy laws, alike, prohibit offences of this kind, it is nevertheless necessary to condemn them by a new decree; lest if timely correction be deferred, still greater vices may arise. His release may be subject to guarantees to assure his appearance for trial. This was a common practice untilwhen Franco’s regime gave way to the current constitutional democracy, but in the early 70s gay prisoners were overlooked by political activism in favour of more “traditional” political dissenters.

LGBT history in Spain

This would amount to an actual sentence of four years. Views Read Edit View history. Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. The same prison guard has been reported to have frequently beaten prisoners. He was detained for his peaceful activities on vaggos of peasants involved in a land dispute and was subsequently sentenced to a year’s administrative detention under the Law of Vagrants and Crooks.

And although the authority of the Holy Scripturesand the msleantes of earthly laws, alike, prohibit offences of this kind, it is nevertheless necessary to condemn them by a new decree; lest if timely correction be deferred, still greater vices may arise.

The Law of Vagrants and Crooks: Suppressing Dissent and Punishing the Poor

His sentence was later increased to 30 months’ imprisonment by the Ministry of Justice. A guard shot him repeatedly on the back.

Moreover, there are no safeguards in the LPSC that would prevent the courts from applying the same sentence ad infinitum to an individual who, in their view, had not been “rehabilitated” during previous periods of reclusion. Amnesty International considers that the inclusion of articles 14 and 15 in the new LPSC preserves, in fact, one of the most disturbing features of the present Law of Vagrants h Crooks.