Lyddie is a novel written by Chinese-born American Katherine Paterson. Set in the 19th century, this is a story of determination and personal growth. A story of determination and personal growth, “Lyddie,” by Katherine Paterson, has already established itself as a classic. Have you ever had to help your family? In this lesson, you will learn about the book ‘Lyddie’ and how the main character must leave her home and go.

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Lyddie by Katherine Paterson

The employment of children is worth kafherine. Paterson lets us see the details of the company owned boarding house, hear the clatter of the looms ylddie smell the lint-filled air of the mill. I remembered the Japanese as the enemy. There are other dangers as well, like her friend Diana, who wants Lyddie to sign a petition for better working conditions–this could get Lyddie blacklisted, so she’d never be able to work in any factory again.

Oct 31, Ian rated it did not like it. My dream of becoming a movie star never came true, but I did a lot of acting all through school, and the first writing for which I got any applause consisted of plays I wrote for my sixth-grade friends to act out.


Her father left the farm to earn money, but has not been heard from since. Lyddie is a hard worker, and soon becomes the model that others look to when they’re training. What are the working conditions in factories now? Readers who know Ms. This book was refreshingly gritty for a young adult book, especially in terms of Lyddie’s own shortcomings.

I am not a slave. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but Lyddie did annoy me at some points with how ignorant she is I know she is supposed to be, but this doesn’t keep it from being annoying and the style of writing wasn’t really my thing, either.

Lists with This Book. Jan 28, jounseen rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page.


And Lyddie was working so hard, how could she not get a happy ending, ey? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

At the inn, she meets a fancily dressed guest who notices how hard Lyddie works. Activities Make copies of Lyddie’s correspondence and watch her spelling, grammar and use of words improve. Retrieved from ” https: In desperation, Lyddie becomes one of the factory girls.

Andrew Schuerger and Loreen Leedy. The plot was interesting. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Before she leaves, she lends him the money she and Charlie received for a calf they sold. How can I even stand straight and look out upon the world?


With all her roommates gone, Lyddie is now alone in her room, but her uncle, Judah, drops off her sister Rachel. Realizing this, I am suddenly feeling afraid. Glad I bought it, though. Pages katherinf import images to Wikidata. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat It is a story about a young woman growing up and trying to find her way in the world.

I was afraid of the Japanese, and so I hated them. I thought it was posessed because the way the head keeper tried to rape the teenage girls and then when his boss found out he denied it and got Lyddie fired. In her house, she finds a runaway slave named Ezekiel Freeman, an ex- preacher who educated himself by using the Bible.

A lot has happened to me since I wrote that letter. Lyddie says she understands Fagin.