Get all the key plot points of Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal on one page. From the creators of SparkNotes. Machinal begins in an office building in an unspecified American city. . How do the themes in Treadwell’s Machinal relate to challenges the culture represented. Analysis and discussion of characters in Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal.

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View all 3 comments. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Preview — Machinal by Sophie Treadwell. Oh my God am I never to be let alone! The writing is phenomenal, leaving you in utter shock as the events play out. Instead, Treadwell used the trial as a springboard for her own speculations about what circumstances might have driven Snyder to commit such a violent act. A young woman works as a low-level stenographer and lives with her mother. Driven to murder her husband, she is convicted of the crime and is executed in the electric chair.

Sayler, writing in Footlights and Lamplightsconcluded that Machinal is “one of the first [plays] by an American dramatist successfully to merge expressionist form and expressionist content,” and in doing so “frequently touches more startling heights and lucid vision than Eugene O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones and Strange Interlude.

Oct 16, Emma Getz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m discontinuing my nightly routine of reading Shirley Jackson short stories The Renegade mixed with Machinal thoroughly depressed me and I’m going to read something more upbeat.

I am curious to know if I would have liked this better if I’d seen the whole thing The doctor then enters, insists that she try breastfeeding, and demands that she start eating solid food. One of them, she says, clubbed George over the head with a bottle before she could do anything to stop it. Accused of murdering her husband, she became the first woman in New York state to die in the electric chair.


Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

Episode Five opens in a speakeasy with three tables. Following its initial Broadway run, Machinal received a number of productions internationally. The play is very well constructed and evokes the suffocation the woman feels, so much so it is rather unpleasant to read. Treadwell traveled to Russia for the production, where she became, at her insistence, the first American dramatist to receive production royalties from the Soviet Union. Its Broadway premiere, directed by Arthur Hopkinsis considered one of the highpoints of Expressionist theatre on the American stage.

Dec 05, Colleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: From her boss, to her husband, to even the man she chooses to have an affair with- every scene involves her being dictated to or controlled to do something, oftentimes against her own will, until we reach the key scene where she does choose They remark that this is the third time that week that Helen has been delayed.

Sep 20, Payton rated it it was amazing. Everybody almost sound robotic and machine like. Treadwell shows how modern life consumes people and turns them into a series of functions. Even in death, Snyder was regarded as public property. Jan 23, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 01, Anna Fitzgerald rated it liked it Shelves: Published April 1st by Nick Hern Books first published Grim, stark, machine like.

Absolutely beautiful and completely tragic. So yeah, before you say you don’t feel sorry for her, keep those two facts in mind.

It was a blast and I learned a lot. When you watch Antigoneis your reaction that you just want to shake some sense into the heroine? It was a trwadwell opportunity.

It’s a surprisingly adult and progressive play for being written in the ‘s, because of its major emphasis on feminism. Helen shakes her head and the nurse chastises her. When she finally appears, Helen tells them she had to get off the subway because she felt trapped.


Machinal: how an execution gripped America and sparked a Broadway sensation

When the curtain lifts and the lights go on, the workers murmur to themselves as they go about their business. She always had choices and mul I read this because SLU is putting it on as their next production, and I wanted to audition for it.

What can I say. What I sense in the writing is her drive. Nov 08, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: Joanna Dunham starred, with Donald Pleasence portraying the husband. At one of the tables, two men sit waiting for Helen and the telephone girl, who are late.

Having concluded, the Lawyer for Defense takes his seat, and the Lawyer for Prosecution takes the floor. I will be thanking my English Lectures for putting this book on the curriculum! The world Helen lives in is more restrictive, certainly, than that faced by women today, but the echos of that world are still haunting us and it is important to remember where we came from and how far we h What an incredible play! Treadwell largely abandoned theatre and then journalism, after reporting from Mexico during mxchinal second world war and from devastated Germany in treadell Read for Modern Drama class.

Books by Sophie Treadwell. As he goes on, Helen starts choking and pointing at the door. At the end of the scene, she decides to marry George, and the lights go off and faint jazz plays into Episode Three.

Oct 26, Adrian rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.