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Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira

This book in no way bashes on the family, it is simply a man doing his job no matter how difficult people make it for him. It’s not sensationalist, it’s full of short, precise chapters with facts and results laid out. Este livro deu muito que falar quando foi publicado.

A criminal investigation is only committed to searching for the material truth. One that doesn’t swallow their story hook line and sinker, anyway. Overall, a detailed and compelling evrdad of the investigation into this tragedy.

Worth seeking out – available to read online and a quick read. One of my favourites! To understand that the solution to the problem of Matthew’s visit was not perfect, we need to appreciate that the group has made several crucial errors.

Maddie: la verdad de la mentira – Gonçalo Amaral – Google Books

Feb 19, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: Chased for years, effectively, all sorts of violent and organized crime: Very informative, cannot understand why this book would be banned, but then I don’t understand anything the McCanns do, the story sadly reminds me of ‘Small Sacrifices’ by Ann Rule and hopefully this book along with the documentary will bring the truth forward.

Het boek is puur een waarneming van feiten en een beschrijving van de gebeurtenissen zoals een politierapport opgesteld zou worden. Credit card records the McCanns didn’t have any, apparentlymedical records. It is my deep understanding that revealing all of the facts in a work of this kind might jeopardize future actions that are decisive for the discovery of the truth.

Jul 19, Manuel Lobo rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hope this book will give others a chance to make theirs up too. I have believed it was the fault of the parents from the start and this just proves it for me! Jan 13, Cristina Gaspar rated it it was amazing Shelves: The First Interview to Kate’s Parents I enjoyed this book because we finally get to learn about the bigger picture. Then we arrive quickly at an absurdity, because, since we must assume that the nightly discussants were knowledgeable about the death, we must now conclude that they were thinking about misleadingly putting Matthew inside an apartment around the time that a child is dying or just died minutes earlier!


A published version of the argument below appeared in Jornal Tribuna de Macau https: Amaral’s book is unaware of this, and also the Prosecutor of the Republic, in its end report entitled “Despacho de arquivo” demonstrates a baffling ignorance concerning the issue. The Mccanns have also used donations from the Find Maddie campaign to pay off tgeir mortgage and fund their top legal and PR team.

But when I remembered – this isn’t fiction, there isn’t another way to write it, this is how it happened – I soon became completely immersed in the controversy, innacuracies and almost ‘conspiracy theory’ of this whole unfortunate tale.

It’s very hard to find sympathy for people who bring their young children on holiday and then spend little time with them – the children spent the majority of their time in Daycare.

I have to admit these statements where quite off putting for me as a reader, and distracted me from the point of the book, I fear this could be particularly distorting and distracting for those who are unaware of British culture, and could misinform their views of the case.

In this sense, Amaral has walked mrntira into the group’s trap.

Maddie, La Verdad De La Mentira

However, it is quite possible that se is due to the book being translated and copied onto the website, rather than errors in the original copy, but it is something to be aware of. Then they were left alone while the parents enjoyed a meal out every night, not just this one. I’ve made my mind up what happened.

It is available translated into English here; I will be purchasing pa copy of this in support of the author …more http: The fact that the visit was debated at all shows that the visit was historical, and that the discussion was about whether or not to delete the visit from the story to be told, and not about whether or not to fabricate a visit menrira never took place. PJ Final Report Maddie: It’s a shame this book has not been published in the UK.


It’s important to remember that, because for the first few chapters, I found myself finding the ‘storytelling’ a little lacklustre. In November he began to study the formation of agents of the Judicial Police, and took office in as Agent.

Maddie, La Verdad De La Mentira – Joana Morais

Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or amddie any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2. This is what we, readers, want to know from Amaral, but instead of giving a definite answer he gets stuck in complaints that Matthew’s observations are so strange.

Goncalas Amaral was dismissed from the lw and the case was closed shortly after. Frustrerend om te lezen hoe feiten verdoezeld worden. The shift from after to before What can I say? Judges demolish McCanns’ innocence. The McCanns and their holiday friends eventually verdda on a narrative about Madeleine’s disappearance which contained as told two very confusing elements, the well-know sighting by Jane of a possible abductor and the subsequent visit of Matthew to the apartment of the McCanns.

If I give this book a high rating that’s not of course for literary merit which it never pretended to have even though written with admirable conciseness and straightforwardness originally in a Portuguese idiom which may not always translate quite as it should into English. Guilty – Focus Maddie Case: But most importantly, the intense sadness of it all really got to me maddis. Paperbackpages.