The Thran (Magic: The Gathering: The Thran) – Kindle edition by J. Robert King. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They were introduced in the Urza’s Saga set, with such cards as Thran Quarry and were able to cure; their arcane healing magic only worsened the disease. 4/27/, If a player somehow has only one land card in their graveyard when either of Fall of the Thran’s last two chapter abilities resolves, that player returns.

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The main characters are complex with decent back-stories.

Ki This may be the most important if you can call any MTG fluff important book to date as far as mxgic the background for the MTG universe. How do I read here. It is the plane which Yawgmoth wants to make his paradise.

I hesitate to call Yawgmoth an anti-hero because he is deliberately manipulative.

Around the time of Halcyon’s ascendance, rival factions of artificers and eugenicists emerged. Nov 21, Shase Lindell rated it it was amazing.

Thran Empire

So I can’t believe that I’ve never reviewed this book, mostly because it’s a book I absolutely loved. Fall of the Thran 6 Enchantment — Saga As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Eugenicists promoted a materialist approach to medicine, eventually leading to such innovations as surgery and a germ theory of disease. Tough to put down, I read it in two days. tnran

Jan 09, Jamie rated it really liked it. You may put a creature card with converted mana cost X from your hand onto the battlefield. This was a vast improvement over the baffling early novels before WOTC established a consistent canon.

If you’re not an MTG fan, you probably won’t tbe it that much. Yoggy is also a dick, and obviously wants to sleep with Rebbec to stick it in Glacian’s face. This site is a part of Curse, Inc.


Thran Turbine (Urza’s Saga) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

This page was last edited on 4 Julyat TG books are going to be this way for me. The planeswalker brings them to Mercadiaalong with about two hundred of their thrxn servants. Open Preview See a Problem? Five years later, in AR, Glacianthe lead artificer of Halcyon, was wounded in a riot and contracted an unknown disease, incurable by traditional Thran medicine. For anyone who’s an MTG fan, you’ll love this gatherinv. Probably wanting the genocidal madman to win isn’t the best way to feel during a book.

This book is an awesome piece of fantasy story-telling. It’s the most disturbing book in the series I’ve read. The Alliance army was decimated by Yawgmoth’s artifical and hybridized Phyrexian troops, the Null Sphere was used to unleash a killing mana cloud across the area, and the portal to Phyrexia was closed in a final defiant act by Rebbec.

These halves were once part of the stone that Dyfed broke to create the permanent portal to Phyrexia. Apr 05, Jocelyn Montalvo Cullum added it Shelves: Excellent pacing and writing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nov 25, Christie rated it really liked it. It might be nostalgia, but it might just be good writing. As they arrive on the plane and discover what monstrosities they will become there, they try to flee again, but are killed and used to create new Phyrexian thhe.

With it, and the Halcyte Guard, he manages to tjran the invasion and bully Gix into complete obedience. With her mind pithed this way, she can’t think properly and thus can’t planeswalk. Standard Compact Checklist Visual Spoiler. To find a book I wanted to read was rare. It’s interesting to see that this is the origin of Phyrexia. Yawgmoth is delightfully and horrifyingly fun to read about as you are forced to watch Halcyon fall into his ever-expanding web of deceit and lies.


Sometime later, also inside the Caves of the Damned, Dyfed opens a permanent portal to an artificial world that is an impossible blend of artifice and life. Still, I was like, god, Glacian won’t shut up, and Rebbec is too naive to gatherung worth a damn, just cut their faces off, already. I think this was supposed to seem like it gathefing large in scope, but it was really simplistic. Yawgmoth binds himself to the plane, becoming a god while staying there.

Glacian convinces her to place tthe reunited stone back on the pedestal on which Dyfed broke it, to close the portal and lock Yawgmoth outside of Dominaria forever. Yawgmoth manages to quell the revolt by offering free serum to the Magc. Seeing this happening, Yawgmoth convinces all remaining inhabitants of Halcyon to journey to Kagic to be saved. Usually I’m a fan of King’s stuff, but this one just fell flat for htran.

The Thran by J. Robert King

A great introduction to the history of Dominaria The Thran is a great introduction to one of the first main planes of Magic: Add one mana of any color. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Before the Brothers’ War. Not much else to say.

I highly recommend this story. Sep 24, Filipa rated it it was amazing Shelves: When the city-states of Orleason and Phoenon fall before the alliance against Yawgmoth, which its members are now calling the Thran Alliance, Yawgmoth casts his full attention on the war.