This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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When men become subject to women and slaves of lust, oppressors of their friends and Gurus, then know that the Kali Age has become strong Having tanfra the burning incense and lighted lamp in front of Devi, and sprinkling them with water, they should be given away with the.

,ahanirvana, whilst reciting the Mula-Mantra, give away the jar with wine to the Devi for Her to drink. The nature of the Tatra requires strict adherence to Vaidik rule in the matter of these physical functions even in worship. Tantaredfour-handed, and seated on a ramis within the figure.

For perfume tnatra him offer to the Supreme Soul the essence of the Earth, for flowers the ether, for incense the essence of the air, for light the Lustre of the universe, and for food the essence of the Waters of the world This is the consecration of the Shri-patra in Kaulika worship. In them, too, are described various Mantra and Yantra which aid men in the attainment of siddhi, and which, tantta they demand great and constant effort, yet mahainrvana the desired fruit It is only by the pashu-bhava that men may obtain mantra-siddhi.

Kapalabhati is a process for the removal of phlegmand is threefold mahanirvanz vatakrama by inhalation and exhalation ; vyutkrama by water drawn through the nostrils and ejected through the mouth ; and shitkrama the reverse process. But enjoyment itself is not without its law. Siva explains that to please the Deva it does not matter where or by whom the animal was killed, so long as the animal being decapitated is male and not female Avalon 7. The Gayatri is the most sacred of all Vaidik mantras.

Some of the matters there explained are, though common and fundamental, seldom accurately defined. Let the worshipper then perform both the Vaidika and Tantrika forms of Sandhya in their respective order.

In fact, the specific worship and sadhana of the other classes is strictly prohibited by the Tantra to the pashu. Uttering the Astra-Mantra, let him then wash his hands Herein the jiva is reborn into spiritual life. By their use the universe jagatbrahmanda itself is used as the article of worship. I offer this water for bathing, this apparel, these jewels, to the Supreme Devi, the Primordial Kalika.


Having thus meditated upon the Devi Matrika, place the letters in the six Chakras as follows: Philosophically shabda is the guna of akashaor ethereal space. Near nirvana-kala is parama-nirvana-Shaktiinfinitely subtlelustrous as the Suncreatrix of tattva-jnana. The worshipper mahanirvanx then pour a little water from the arghya into the vessel kept for that purpose, and sprinkle himself and the offering therewith. The pure Parvati, gladdened at hearing the words of the Deva, bending low made mahxnirvana and thus questioned Shankara.

Hindu Scriptures and Important Texts

The Mantra may be varied either by the prefixing or omitting of Om, or by the placing of it before each word or every two words of the Mantra Wash the receptacle with the Mantra Namah, and then place it as in the case of the jar on the Mandala, and worship in it the ten parts of Vahni with the first letters of their respective names as Bijas I have spoken to You, O Devi!

One reason given for the differing values attributed to the several forms is that where there is audible utterance the mind thinks of the words and the process of correct utterance, and is therefore to a greater as in the case of vachika-japa.

By the eating of it ten million times greater merit is gained than by the Horse-sacrifice, or indeed by any other sacrifice whatever To an image dedicated by rites other than those prescribed by Shambhu the Deva never comes. The second or conditional karma is occasional and voluntary, and is kamya when done to gain some particular end, such as yajna for a particular object ; tapas with the same end for certain forms of tapas are also nitya ; and vrata v.

The Mother of the Universe must be worshipped with these elements. It was on Mount Kailasa that Parvati found her husband, Siva, described sitting silently on the mountain surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Having finished the japa, he should mentally prostrate himself, touching the ground with the eight parts of his body. Where men perform that worship which they are privileged to perform, there they participate in the fruits of worship, and being freed from sin will with safety cross the Ocean of Being Parched food is the fourth tattva and contains three categories. Woodroffe, John Introduction to Tantra Sastra.

Passionwhich has hitherto run downwards and outwards to waste, is directed inwards and upwards, and transformed to power.

These are jiva-sheka, also called garbhadhana-ritu-sangskaraperformed after menstruation, with the object of insuring and sanctifying conception. The yantras are therefore of various designs, according to the object of worship.


Mahanirvana Tantra Index

According to the Tantraa woman may not only receive mantrabut may, as a Guruinitiate and give it. Those who are lewd kamukaadulterous para-daraturaconstantly addicted to sin sada papa-kriyaignorantslothful, and devoid of religionshould be rejected. The first period includes on the physical side all the structural and physiological changes which occur in the fertilized ovum from the moment of fertilization until the period when the embryonic bodyby the formation of trunk, limbs, mahnirvana organsis fit for the entrance of the individualized lifeor jivatma.

In conclusion, I wish to thank my Indian friends for the aid they have given me in the preparation of this and other kindred works, and to whom I am indebted for much information gathered during many pleasant hours which we have spent together in the study of a subject of common interest to them and myself.

Jun 10, When the mantrashakti is awakened by sadhana the Presiding Devata appears, and when perfect mantra-siddhi is acquired, the Devata mahainrvana, who is sachchidanandais revealed.

For, according to the Kalika Purana when dealing with svara or tonewhilst the udattaan-udattaand prachita are appropriate to the first of these castesthe svaracalled aukarawith anusvara and nadais appropriate to shudrawho may use the Pranavaeither at the beginning or end of mantrabut not, as the dvija may, at both places. His mind is ever turned to the search for Tatra. In the Macrocosm the upadhi of these states are also called ViratHiranyagarbhaand Avyakta.

Others may be performed at any time, such as the Savitri vrata by women only, and the Karttikeya-puja by men only.

Wherever the Sadhaka may be, and though he be a Mahanirvanx, he attains to union with the Brahman the very moment he partakes of the nectar dedicated to Him To the Tantra we must therefore look if we would understand aright both ritual, yoga, and sadhana of all kinds, as also the general principles of which these practices are but the objective expression.

Durva grass, sun-dried rice, red flowers, Varvara leaf, and the Aparajita flower should be thrown into the vessel with the Mantra Hrim, and the sacred waters should be invoked into it Hence the first three of the aims of life trivarga on the path of pravritti are dharmma, artha, and kama.

At the commencement of all rites, let him tanyra, “Tat Sat”; and before eating or drinking aught let him say, “I dedicate this to Brahman” Together with worldly enjoyment and final liberation.