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The software can save your current design to a temple file automatically. Meanwhile keep the related control point at the other side of the node, the node on a straight line.

If changing to graph contour, you can not use font size to modify their size. Use this command to reset the size of graph.

This object can be exported to cutter plotter or engraver directly. These command is similar with the command of separate1. If Manual is selected, you can press and hold left button of mouse to drag mouse to rotate the selected object. There are 3 options: Click icon from Resizing Tool Bar, the cursor will be as. All objects inside and on the border of this frame would be selected after you release the mouse.

Make the wanted object selected first, then select this command from Advance menu, the dialog box displays as bellow: Select this command or click iconthe cursor will be as.

Here is an example of pasting small triangle onto a circle. Chapter 9 Graph Menu.

Artcut 2009

If you want to edit the locked object, you should unlock it first. See C and D. Use this command to choose your own graph libs. Move cursor onto random node point red point. They are the 3 different methods of dividing objects by parallel, ring and rays.


2017 Artcut Software 720mm 1351MM Vinyl Cutter Graphtec Plotter For Sticker Cutting

Chapter 8 Text Menu. You can select the desired area to plot. Use this command to move all 209 selected circle to align center with the master selected circle. Use the command to move all selected objects to Vertical Middle.

Other components you would like to install. A 24 bits true color image will be transferred into color automatically. Node Edit Tool Bar to get a panel as F Save Paper means the program set the starting position to plot object from the start point of the objects.

This function is used for making larger letters and more complex graphics to eliminate the saw-tooth-like edge anti-alias.

To plot contours in dash line mode. This command is similar with the above commands of Resize and Move. Press and hold the mouse on the icon, the description will be displayed. That is means the separating part could be plot separately.

Use this command to tilt the selected object. Use this command to set or cancel multiple pages working mode. Click print icon to set print parameters, then click print, or Click print preview icon from Common tool bar to get a dialog box as bellow: Change into Straight Line: You can select current using scanner. Use the command to move all selected objects to Horizontal Center.

The change of a graphics follows its nodes editing. Press and hold Ctrl Key in keyboard, then Press and hold left button 20009 mouse, drag the mouse to get a blue frame.

It is also available to use direction keys of keyboard to do this operation. To choose one of the Text commands, choose the command from the Text menu, or click on the Icon. If design page size is lager than vinyl size, the software will automatically separate to plot in multiple area.


Use this command to break texts to several part. Click wanted object into editing nodes status and press left key to drag box to choose the wanted nodes. If press Shift key in keyboard at same time, you can get a square.

Artcut User Manual – orthogratis

The print command is convenient, especially separate eespaol a espaok to papers at random size. The effect on vision is that text put on a cone and the view focus is at the center. Release mouse to finish perspective change and the result as B.

Click the wanted linepress and hold the left button on mouse, move the mouse to drag the line to an arc. Select the command Separate1 with Line from Advanced Menu.

Meanwhile, the letters arranged by curve will be changed accordingly. Use these commands to set size and font type of the selecting texts.

The effect on vision is that the arrangement. Press and hold the left es;aol of mouse, move the mouse to draw an arc. Move the cursor in the table, the cursor will become as. It is the meaning of adding a new line or deleting the line that add or delete two nodes on a line.